What Sewer Camera Inspections Can & Can’t See

If you’ve noticed an unpleasant sewage odor, your drains are slow to empty, or—even worse—your toilet or basement floor drain overflows, you may have an issue with your home’s sewer system. This system is responsible for removing gray water, waste, and black water from your home, so it is very important that it continues to function properly. If you’re experiencing issues with your sewer system, our Edmonton plumbing experts are here to help. We’ll begin our service by using a special sewer camera to inspect your system for issues. Here’s what you should know about our camera inspection services.

What Is a Sewer Camera Inspection?

This service is just what it sounds like—we use a specialized camera to look at the inside of your sewer pipes and target potential issues. Unlike the pipes under your sink, which can be accessed easily, your sewer line probably runs underneath the thick concrete slab that is the foundation of your home. Obviously, it can be a challenge to directly inspect a pipe buried under your home’s foundation, so we rely on a sewer camera system to take a closer look.

A video camera head is connected to a long, flexible cable, which can be threaded through your pipes from a sewer line cleanout or the vent stack. This cable connects to a monitor at the other end, which allows our expert plumber to see the inside of your sewer system in real-time. We can use this system to gather a lot of information, but there are some things that this inspection cannot detect.

What Can’t a Sewer Camera Inspection Detect?

Like any technology, there are limitations to a sewer camera inspection. It can be a useful tool for diagnosing many issues, but there are still some problems that will require other methods of diagnosis. So what can a camera inspection not do?

Locate Leaks in Your Pipes

On its own, a sewer camera cannot locate a leak or determine if you have a leak in your system. We can use a sewer camera to help us detect leaks, but it cannot be used alone. That is why our plumbing professionals will always conduct a leak location test, in addition to a camera inspection, if they suspect you may have a leak in your sewer system.

A camera can only show what it sees, which means that the plumber must interpret what they are seeing on the monitor. It can be extremely difficult to definitively diagnose a leak based on what the camera shows, without a secondary test. If another plumber has told you that you are suffering leaks after conducting only a camera inspection, call Mr. Rooter® Plumbing of Edmonton for a second opinion.

What Can a Sewer Camera Inspection Do?

While a camera inspection alone cannot find leaks, it still is a very useful diagnostic tool for other issues. Here are some of the other uses of a sewer inspection camera.

Locating Lines

Sewer cameras come equipped with a location device that sends out a signal. Our Edmonton plumbers can use a signal receiver to track the signal above ground and pinpoint where your plumbing lines lay in your yard. Knowing where your plumbing lines are can be extremely helpful when you’re planning on making changes to your landscaping, laying down walkways or other concrete slabs, or digging a pool in your yard.

Locating Drainage Issues

When your pipes back up, there is an issue with your pipes. We can use a sewer camera to diagnose what kind of issue is causing your blockage and find out where it is. There are a number of causes for clogs, including the buildup of fat, hair, soap residue, minerals, roots, mud, broken pipes, and more. We can find what is causing a stoppage and then develop a plan to treat the issue.

Determine the Type of Sewer Pipe You Have

Sewer pipes are typically either thick PVC or cast iron. We can determine what type of pipe you have before we determine how to treat any issues. We can also examine the fittings and connections in your sewer system to gain a better understanding of how it works. It can even be used to determine which way water flows in your system and where it comes from to better diagnose issues.

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