Spring Cleaning: Time for Gas Barbecue Maintenance

Some of the absolute best springtime memories people have happen in front of the barbecue. While most people associate barbecue with American summers, here in Edmonton, we like to turn on the gas in the spring to start warming up. To make certain your first barbecue of the season goes off without a hitch, you need to give some love, care, and general maintenance to our outdoor gas grill.

Here are five essential tips to care for your barbecue in the spring:

  1. Thorough cleaning: Make that grill shine! After disuse due to the harsh winter weather you probably experienced for a couple of months, your outdoor barbecue is going to need plenty of cleaning. Soapy water is useful for defeating stuck-on grease, as is a wire brush.

  2. Empty grease traps: Your cleaning is not complete until you empty out your grill’s grease traps. It is crucial you make certain they are properly cleaned before turning on the ignition after a period of disuse. Otherwise, you could start a large grease fire. Remember: water makes grease fires worse!

  3. Use a cover: You may want to invest in a sturdy, weatherproof cover for your barbecue if you do not have one already. Canvas and vinyl, like a tarp, tend to be fairly common and reliable. After each use, recover your barbecue once it's cool to help it stand up to the weather and the sun’s hot rays.

  4. Create a perimeter: Make certain you position your barbeque a safe distance from anything which is flammable or could melt. Often barbeques will be stationed against a wall with vinyl siding but this could start melting the siding or catch it on fire.

  5. Check your gas line: Last but certainly not least, let a professional inspect the gas line between your barbecue or outdoor kitchenette and your home. Who knows what happened to the gas line since the last time you used the barbecue? If there are faults, defects, or damage, you need to know about them before you use them to prevent dangerous accidents.

Mr. Rooter® Plumbing of Edmonton is the family-favorite company for plumbing and pipeline projects. Our courteous and knowledgeable professionals can perform gas line replacements, repairs, and installations – all at a competitive price.

To learn more about our services that can help you before your springtime barbecue, please contact us today!