5 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Water Heater

For most people, hot water is essential. Hot water heaters are used in most households on a daily basis and see an extensive amount of use. From washing dishes to taking a hot shower, your hot water heater is probably working hard nearly every time you turn on the faucet. If your hot water heater is getting on in years, it's best to look out for signs indicating a need for replacement before it breaks down altogether, leaving you without hot water.

As a homeowner, it is important that you know what could indicate the need for a water heater replacement. Below, we’ve listed a few common signs.

1. Age

Hot water heaters only have a limited lifespan. Although they often last upwards of 10 years, hot water heaters are not intended for use past that period. If you are unsure of how old your hot water heater is, you can check the serial number listed on the manufacturer’s sticker. This number will start with a letter, followed by a series of numbers. The letter will indicate the month of the manufacture date, and the following 2 numbers will indicate the year. For example, a heater marked with the serial number G161234567 was manufactured in July of 2016 (on most brands).

2. Rusty Water

If your hot water comes out with a rusty flavor or a red tint, it could be from rust inside your heater. Like all metals, the metal inside your hot water heater can rust with time, leaving you with rusty water. A rusty water heater simply isn’t safe and should be replaced swiftly.

3. Loud, Rumbling Noises

Sediment may begin to build in older water heaters, causing loud rumbling or banging noises when the heater is in use. This could indicate a need for replacement in older tanks or might be more easily solved with a tank flush, which can be performed by a certified plumber.

4. Leaking

When the metal in a water heater becomes hot, it contracts and expands. The metal in older, overused heaters may begin to crack, causing leaks around your water heater. If you notice puddling when the heater is in use, you likely have a leak, which could indicate the need for a new heater.

5. Inadequate Heating

Naturally, a water heater with one foot in the grave will begin to lose function. If your hot water is no longer coming out hot or is only hot some of the time, your heater may need replacing. Sometimes the devices and mechanisms inside water heaters will wear down or break, causing your heater to stop heating. In some cases, this may require a simple repair. However, it could also require a full replacement.

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