Canadians Build Their Dream Washroom

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We underestimate how much time we spend in the washroom. The average human will spend over two years in the washroom throughout their lifetime.

It's the coveted space where we primp and prepare ourselves for the day, so why not make it one of our favorite rooms in our homes? To find out what Canada's dream washroom looks like, we surveyed respondents all over the country to determine how they would design theirs.

The survey asked participants to share their preferences on various elements such as fixtures, paint colors, shower styles, and vanity options. Keep reading to see what we found!

What Does Canada’s Dream Washroom Look Like?

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The washroom is a magical space where you can let your guard down and take care of business in style – and Canadians have spoken when it comes to what they want that room to look like. We've got the stats to back up what features most Canadians want in their dream washroom.

Let's start from the ground up, literally. When it comes to flooring, 42% of Canadians want to feel like they're walking on ceramic tile, while 26% prefer the natural look of stone tile. For those who are a little more budget-conscious, vinyl flooring (tile or hardwood) was the third most popular choice at 22%.

Now, let's move on to the centerpiece of the washroom, the bathtub. 25% of Canadians dream of soaking in a jetted bathtub, while 22% prefer a trendy, freestanding tub. Canada's multitaskers had their say, as a shower/tub combo was a close third at 20%.

According to Canadians, a floating vanity is the way to go. 35% of Canadians want their vanity to be floating to give their washroom a sleek and modern look.

Moving onto hardware, Canadians want their faucets, handles, lighting fixtures, and other accessories to be either matte black or stainless steel. Both options came in at 27% as the top choices.

Let's talk about the shower now, shall we? Rain, rain, don't go away – because 53% of Canadians want a rainfall shower, making it the most popular shower option by a pretty wide margin.

Finally, let's talk countertops. Marble countertops take the crown as the most popular choice at 33%. Quartz is a close second at 21%, and natural stone comes in third at 18%.

Must-Have Features in a Washroom

A graphic showing the features that Canadians call “must-haves” in their washroom.

Next, let's dive into the must-have features Canadians want in their dream washrooms!

First up, ample shower shelving is the most popular must-have feature, with 58% of Canadians saying it's a necessity. Because let's be real – nobody wants to juggle shampoo bottles and soap bars while trying to get clean.

Next up, we have the bidet, a must-have for 54% of Canadians who want to take their hygiene game to the next level. From keeping things fresh to reducing toilet paper usage, the bidet is gaining popularity among Canadians as a coveted feature in their dream washrooms.

When it comes to organization, a linen closet for towels and toiletries is a must-have for 50% of Canadians. And speaking of storage, a medicine cabinet is also a requirement for 54%.

Another 49% of respondents prefer a spacious shower experience, opting for a walk-in shower instead. Interestingly, only 28% of Canadians consider a water closet a must-have.

Finally, we asked Canadians where they stand in the fashion vs. function debate. While 85% of Canadians prioritize function over fashion, 15% would choose an incredibly fashionable washroom over a functional one.

Hey, we all want to feel like we're living in the lap of luxury sometimes, right?

How Important is a Great Washroom to Canadians?

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Finally, let's look at just how important a great washroom is to Canadians.

Believe it or not, 1 in 4 Canadians would give up their car for a year to have their dream washroom for free. That's right - they'd rather walk or take public transportation than give up the opportunity to have their ideal washroom.

If that wasn't enough, nearly 1 in 5 Canadians would give up their smartphone for a year for a shot at their dream washroom.

It's not just about personal preferences, either. Canadians can be pretty judgmental about the state of someone else's washroom.

In fact, 41% of Canadians have admitted to judging others because of how their guest washroom looks. So if you're thinking about skipping a deep clean before your next gathering, you might want to reconsider.

For other Canadians, a subpar washroom is a dealbreaker when buying a home. One-third of respondents said they would pass on purchasing a home entirely if it didn't meet their standards.

So there you have it – Canadians take their washrooms seriously. From giving up their smartphone to taking public transportation for a year, it's clear that many Canadians will go to great lengths to achieve washroom perfection.

Closing Thoughts

After digging into what Canadians consider the ultimate washroom, it's clear that this space is a top priority for many. From the type of flooring to the style of vanity, Canadians have specific preferences regarding their dream washroom. While some may consider it a luxury, it's a necessity for others.

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To find out what the dream washroom would look like in Canada, we surveyed over 1,000 Canadians over a 3-day period in April 2023. We asked them to tell us which major washroom features (like tub and shower styles, flooring, hardware, and vanities) they would most like to see in the washroom of their dreams.

We asked additional questions about washroom must-haves, the importance of having a good washroom, and what they would sacrifice to have their ideal washroom.