Pipe Bursting vs. Open Trench

Any issue with your main sewer line or water line can be a real hassle. Because of where these pipes are located and how difficult it is to access them, repairing a problem with these lines often involves a lot of digging, time, and money.

But what if there was a better way? Thankfully, there is! These days, you can take advantage of a service known as pipe bursting in order to reduce the amount of digging needed to repair a sewer line. Pipe bursting can save you time and money, and greatly reduce the amount of cleanup needed.

Keep reading to learn how pipe bursting works and explore how it compares to traditional water and sewage line repair methods.

What is Pipe Bursting?

Pipe bursting, a type of trenchless repair, is a newer technique that enables plumbers to replace or repair sewer and water lines without digging a large trench. To do this, the broken area of piping is destroyed using a static pulling head or pneumatic hammer. This breaks up the damaged pipe to leave room for the new piece.

Once the damaged pipe is out of the way, we insert a similarly sized pipe into the undamaged sections of pipe through an access point. That new pipe is then dragged into the place where the old pipe once sat. Then, through the use of an expander, the pipe is resized to fit exactly as the old pipe did and is then sealed onto the existing pieces of pipe. With that, your trenchless pipe repair is complete.

Advantages of Pipe Bursting vs. Traditional Water Line Repair

The primary advantage of pipe bursting is that it does not tear up your yard. Trenched repairs take a lot of time, cause damage to your lawn or landscaping, and often take additional money to fully restore the area. Because trenchless repair involves only a few small holes that are easy to fill in and re-sod (if necessary), it is a more cost-effective and time-conscious technique.

There are other types of trenchless repair services out there, too. Read about the difference between pipe bursting and pipe relining on our blog.

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In an ideal world, you wouldn’t have to deal with major plumbing line issues at all. But if water line or sewer line problems happen, then the trenchless repair of pipe bursting is the simplest way to go.

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