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Blog Posts in 2023

  • A header image for a blog about what the dream washroom looks like in Canada.

    Canadians Build Their Dream Washroom

    We underestimate how much time we spend in the washroom. The average human will spend over two years in the washroom throughout ...

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  • Pipes for Water: What You Need to Know

    We all know that many pipes in our homes are used to transport water. They’re the very cornerstone of indoor plumbing and play a ...

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  • Pipe Bursting vs. Open Trench

    Any issue with your main sewer line or water line can be a real hassle. Because of where these pipes are located and how difficult ...

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  • How to Get Rid of Sewer Smell in the House

    Sometimes your house doesn’t smell springtime fresh, and that is just how living in a place goes. However, if your house smells ...

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