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Blog Posts in May

  • Rusted heating element lying next to a water heater

    How to Extend the Life of Your Water Heater

    As is the case with so many things in our homes, maintenance is key when it comes to hot water heaters. If you’re wondering how to ...

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  • Person holding their hand under a faucet with low water pressure

    What to Do About Low Water Pressure in Your House

    Dealing with low water pressure in your house can be a frustrating situation, and it can make everything from doing laundry to ...

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  • Man trying to repair a leaky bathtub faucet

    Bathtub Faucet Leaking? Here’s What to Do

    Leaking bathtub faucets can be irritating to deal with. It is wasteful (both in terms of water and the money spent on your water ...

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