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Blog Posts in June

  • Close-up of a sump pump being repaired in the basement of a residential home.

    Learn How a Sump Pump Works

    There’s nothing like stepping into a puddle on your basement floor to remind you of just how necessary sump pumps are. If you find ...

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  • Close-up of salt pellets in a water softener

    What Does a Water Softener Do?

    Water softeners, also sometimes called ion exchange units, remove minerals like magnesium and calcium that cause hard water. This ...

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  • Close-up look at the inside of a heavily corroded pipe, with rust that has turned orange due to oxidation.

    What to Do About Water Heater Pipe Corrosion

    If you’ve noticed water heater pipe corrosion, you might be wondering how much of a problem it is and whether it’s something that ...

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