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Kitchen Renovation? Start with Plumbing Upgrades!

When looking for a home improvement project with a high return on investment, updating your kitchen is in the top 10. But creating a functional, modern kitchen doesn’t begin with new tiles and the latest gadgets. Before you start choosing updated fixtures or comparing paint swatches, you need to make sure your current plumbing system is in good working condition. Well-maintained plumbing is the foundation on which you’ll build your beautiful new kitchen.

Plumbing Inspection

While planning your kitchen renovation, determine how much of the existing plumbing can be used, and if any new plumbing lines need to be added. Call a professional to perform a whole-home plumbing inspection. This can help identify and correct problems before they become major headaches and shut down your renovation project before it gets started. By inspecting all the plumbing—behind the walls, under the floors, and through the concrete foundation—plumbing professionals can determine if your pipes just need a good cleaning, if damaged pipes must be replaced, or if new pipes need to be installed. Making sure you have the right plumbing will save you a lot of money and worry as your kitchen renovation evolves.

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New Appliances

Once you’re sure the plumbing is in good shape, you can start figuring out which appliances you want to update. A well-maintained kitchen probably won’t need all the appliances replaced, but there are some definite advantages to upgrading certain appliances. Today’s machines are often quieter and more energy efficient than older versions. Plus, appliances updated with the latest smart technology offer features and functionality that didn’t exist several years ago. Now turning on and off appliances can be done remotely right from your phone; creating a new, more convenient way to manage and service major appliances. Replacing things like your dishwasher and garburator can even make your kitchen more efficient, while adding a hot water dispenser can make cooking and cleaning a little easier.

Upgrade Your Dishwasher

Even if your old dishwasher is still working, installing a new one can be an enormous benefit to a renovated kitchen. For example, if you still rinse your dishes to make sure they get clean enough in the dishwasher, a new appliance can save you both time and money. According to consumer reviews, the current dishwashers from all the major brands do an “excellent” or “very good” job at getting dishes spotless—even when they were placed into the machine dirty—and only use about 5 gallons of water to wash an entire load of dishes. In addition, newer dishwashers don’t make as much noise as the older models, so they don’t disrupt your favorite television show or after-dinner conversation with your guests.

How Old is Your Garburator?

The average lifespan of a garburator is 10 years, so if yours is older you may want to have it replaced sooner rather than later—especially if you’ve noticed an increase in noise, clogging, or a persistent odour. If you’ve never had a garburator in your kitchen, this is a great time to add one. Garburators offer many advantages including reducing kitchen waste and preventing pipe clogs. Garburators are also environmentally friendly because they lessen the need for plastic bags to dispose of food waste. If they’re used correctly—and not used to dispose of things like bones, eggshells, and coffee grounds—garburators can save you time and make your kitchen more efficient.

How About a Hot Water Dispenser?

Depending on how you use your kitchen, a dedicated hot water dispenser may be even more useful than a garburator. These handy devices provide near boiling water for drinking or cooking, without having to run the tap or use a kettle. Hot water dispensers are incredibly energy efficient, using 20% less energy than a standard electric kettle and 80% less energy than heating water to boiling on an electric stove. If anyone in your house has mobility issues, hot water dispensers are much safer and easier than lifting and pouring heavy kettles. They’re relatively inexpensive and installing them usually doesn’t require a new sink, since most can be placed into an existing hole previously used by a separate spray nozzle.

Professional Plumbing Services

When planning your kitchen renovation, let the professionals at Mr. Rooter help you make sure your plumbing is in good condition to support your beautiful new appliances and gadgets. Call today and request an appointment to let them inspect, repair, and install pipes before the rest of your renovation work begins. Mr. Rooter’s plumbers are committed to your satisfaction and their workmanship and parts are guaranteed. With these skilled professionals in your corner, your updated kitchen will give you years of trouble-free service. And with Mr. Rooter’s Good, Better, Best Service options you can choose the service that best fits your need, and your budget!