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Learn how your plumber looks for answers

Clogged Drain Line? Learn how your plumber looks for answers

Clearing a drain line might seem like a simple matter. In reality, stoppages are more complex than just pushing an object out of a pipe. There could be a problem with the pipe itself, tree roots breaking through, foreign objects, or even an issue with the local sewer system. A licensed plumber can properly diagnose and permanently resolve your clogged drain line.

Observation and Diagnosis

Plumbing obstructions are more than a nuisance. They can happen throughout your home and cause a blockage, rotting smells, gurgling noise, sewage odour, and even costly damage from flooding.

But what if the problem is not in your drain line but outside your home in the sewer line? How will you know the difference? Determining the cause can be messy, expensive and onerous. Traditionally, diagnosing a clogged drain line could mean digging up your lawn or ripping out drywall. However, new technologies are making this process easier and more precise.

To discover the source of the problem, a professional plumber will first observe the clog and listen to the homeowner. If you see sandy-looking sediment or have sluggish draining, this could be evidence of a full or partial stoppage. Standing water inside the home could indicate the need for an exterior clean-out. Opening the sewer line may resolve the problem.

There is a solution to accurately diagnose a stoppage without invasive damage to your home and property. Hire a licensed plumber to do a cutting-edge video camera inspection that will eliminate the guesswork.

Video Camera Inspection

Plumbing camera inspections optimize results for homeowners. For example, video exploration can help pinpoint valuables that have fallen down the drain, or assess the health of a plumbing system before purchasing a new residence. A video assessment can find the exact location of the problem.

When your drain line clogs, a professional plumber will use the camera to investigate and troubleshoot. Problems range from lodged foreign objects like dentures or toy cars, to broken or crushed pipes. If tree roots are the cause, the type of your pipes—PVC or clay—and location of the tree roots will determine whether a repair or complete replacement is required. A camera exploration also identifies leaks that can save on costly utility bills and detect minor repair issues before they become a major problem.

Expert Assessment

Once you’ve identified your clogged drain, the next step is to hire a licensed plumber who will stand by their work. At Mr. Rooter® Plumbing, we use advanced tools for video camera inspection. Accurate assessment of your blockage ensures limited mess and cost. We guarantee our workmanship, leaving you with peace of mind.

Our locally owned and operated franchises offer a service warranty on the work performed by uniformed technicians. We accommodate your schedule with the exact same price for services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

To ensure you get the latest technology, effective results, and trusted workmanship, contact your local Mr. Rooter® Plumbing for a video camera inspection.

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