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Blog Posts in 2021

  • Left facing red for rent real estate sign in front of beautiful house

    Increase Your Rental Property Value with These Plumbing Upgrades

    Are you thinking about selling your rental property? If you are, you might consider making a few upgrades that can help boost your ...

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  • Residential home with stone front in a wintery day with snow on the lawn.

    Preparing Pipes for Winter in Canada

    Depending on where you live, Canadian winters can be incredibly harsh. Therefore, it's important to prepare your home before the ...

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  • Thermal camera used to check for water leak under concrete floor

    How to Detect a Leak Under a Concrete Floor

    Leaks under a concrete floor or slab are notoriously difficult to find, often cause extensive property damage, and can be ...

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  • Checking clogged toilet pipe with inspection camera

    A Thorough Plumbing Inspection is a Must Before You Buy

    If you’re thinking about buying a home in Canada, a thorough plumbing inspection is a must. While a typical home inspection is a ...

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