Do Plumbers Install Dishwashers?

Do Plumbers Install Dishwashers?

Let’s cut right to the chase. Yes, plumbers do install dishwashers! And, you should call a plumber to install your new dishwasher. Many home projects are DIY-appropriate, but when it comes to installing an appliance that requires plumbing know-how, it’s best to call a licensed professional to ensure installation success.

DIY Not?

  • When it comes to indoor plumbing, there are specific codes and regulations in place that you may not know. Instead of researching it yourself and running the risk of causing issues with your plumbing, call an experienced technician who lives and breathes plumbing codes and delivers top-level craftsmanship.
  • If a dishwasher is improperly installed, leaks can lead to wasted water and even water damage to the house.
  • A plumber will be able to ensure the machine’s workability and, if for some reason there’s an issue, you will have the peace of mind of knowing help is just a phone call away.
  • You will avoid potentially expensive issues and hassles down the road. For example, a home inspection during the home sale process may uncover an out-of-code dishwasher hookup. Needing to get the plumbing back up to code might delay a sale—so it’s worth it to get the installation done right the first time.

Benefits of Hiring a Plumber to Install Dishwashers

Hiring a plumber for professional dishwasher installation ensures the product is set up correctly from the start. Professional installation also means:

  • Less stress: You have a lot on your plate. It’s worth your peace of mind to take a complicated task off your to-do list.
  • It’s safer: There is a lot that can go wrong in removing an old dishwasher and installing a new one, not to mention the simplest of all—moving the machines. Dishwashers are heavy and awkward to move, and doing so can cause injury and damage your floor.
  • Convenient disposal of the old appliance: A plumber willing to haul away your old dishwasher will save you a trip to the dump!

How Do Plumbers Install Dishwashers?

First, the plumber will disconnect the electric and water from the old washer and test power with a voltage detector. They will check the water supply line to make sure it doesn’t have any kinks and determine if it needs to be replaced. Next, they’ll remove the old dishwasher while taking preventative measures to ensure no spills or leaking onto your floor. Once the plumber uncrates the new device, they will loop the new drain hose to the drain source, connect the water line and secure it so it doesn’t leak. When the dishwasher supply line, electrical cable, and drain are all properly connected, the plumber will run the machine and make sure it works without a hitch!

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