How to Increase Water Pressure in the Shower

Hand under running shower water

Are you wondering how to increase water pressure in the shower? Don’t let another frustrating shower go by. Follow these steps to identify the root cause and increase water pressure in the showerhead …

Why Does the Shower Have Low Water Pressure?

Weak shower streams have a few common causes, including:

  • High demand on your home’s water supply
  • Blocked showerhead
  • Water main problem
  • Plumbing equipment failure

Troubleshooting: How to Increase Water Pressure in the Showerhead

You can perform some troubleshooting steps yourself to determine the reason for the low water pressure, or you can go straight to the local plumbing experts at Mr. Rooter® Plumbing to get a diagnosis and a solution right away. If you’d like to try to solve the problem on your own, here are three steps to take to increase water pressure in the shower:

  1. If you suspect the problem is related to high demand on your home’s water supply, turn off water-heavy appliances like the dishwasher, washing machine, or sprinkler system. Once the other appliances are off, check your shower pressure to see if it returns to normal.
  2. If you suspect the showerhead is blocked, you can clean the head with 50/50 solution of white vinegar and water. Pour the solution into a plastic bag and tie the bag around the showerhead, immersing the head in the liquid. Allow it to soak for 15 minutes, wipe away any loosened deposits, and then run the shower as hot as possible to flush away clogs.
  3. If the low water pressure seems to be a house-wide issue rather than isolated to one faucet, the main house shut-off valve may not be fully open. This valve is typically located inside the house where the main supply pipe enters the home. You can make sure this valve is fully open and then recheck the water pressure.

Low Water Pressure in the Shower: Do You Need Help from a Professional Plumber?

Certain low water pressure issues may require the help of a qualified plumber:

  • The shut-off valve from the city’s water supply isn’t fully open.
  • The water main is leaking or obstructed.
  • The water pressure regulator or pressure-reducing valve is failing and requires replacement.
  • The plumbing pipes are corroded, which may require re-piping throughout your home.

Reach out to Mr. Rooter to Increase Water Pressure in the Shower

Whether you think you may have a major plumbing problem or you need help troubleshooting the issue, the local experts at Mr. Rooter are ready to increase the water pressure in your shower. Get an estimate for plumbing services online now or call to speak to a friendly Mr. Rooter Plumbing technician near you.

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