Toilet and Shower Clogged at the Same Time: Here’s What’s Happening

Woman looking into a clogged shower

First, water started pooling up around your ankles during your morning shower. Next, the toilet nearly overflowed when you flushed it. This is how it usually begins. It’s natural to think that both your toilet and the shower are clogged. What’s really going on, though, is that your sewer main is clogged.

When water can’t go down, it comes up. Where the water is coming up can indicate the location of the obstruction. In your case, the obstruction is somewhere “downstream” from the point where your toilet and shower connect with the sewer main. It also indicates the obstruction is deep enough to back up two drains.

We don’t recommend running water throughout the home to pinpoint the obstruction. In fact, we recommend turning off your water supply to prevent sewage from backing up in drains throughout your home. We have much more sophisticated methods of locating the obstruction, including plumbing video camera inspection.

Unclogging your sewer main is not as simple as unlodging a wad of toilet paper from your toilet or pulling a mass of hair out of your shower drain. While it’s not recommended that you try to clear any main sewer line on your own, you might try these methods to dislodge the deep clog using the connecting lines, and to rule out a pressure problem:

  • Check the vent: If an obstruction (dead squirrel, for example) is blocking your vent pipe, pressure will prevent your drains from draining down your main sewer line. To release the pressure, you’ll need to clear the obstruction. You may want to think twice before climbing on the roof.

How Expert Plumbers Clear a Sewer Line Obstruction

If none of the above tactics is successful, or you’d rather not risk damaging your plumbing system, call your local Mr. Rooter® Plumbing. We’ll begin by diagnosing your plumbing system. Before we begin any work, we’ll tell you exactly what we think is causing the problem. We’ll even agree on a price before we begin the work.

Depending on what we find, our professional plumbers may use one of several methods to remove the obstruction or repair the sewer main. More often than not, we find an obstruction—tree roots, grease—in the main sewer line. Our sewer line repair methods include the following:

  • HydroScrub® Service: Using pressurized water jets, our expert plumbers eradicate tree roots, debris, and other buildup such as grease or pipe scale. Our advanced HydroScrub® services leave your plumbing system flowing smoothly and efficiently again.
  • Pipe lining: Using advanced technology, our plumbers line the sewer main with a sleeve to seal off any leakage. This prevents exterior pipe moisture that draws in thirsty tree roots. This trenchless sewer line repair method causes very little mess, there is no need to dig up pipes, and it is more permanent.
  • Pipe bursting: If the sewer line has lost its integrity (e.g., become oval-shaped or crushed), our plumbers will employ pipe bursting hydraulics to break apart the old sewer pipes before installing brand-new HDPE pipe. HDPE pipe is an environmentally sustainable, non-toxic, corrosion- and chemical-resistant pipe.
  • Plumbing maintenance: Mr. Rooter also offers a regular inspection and drain-cleaning plan to prevent buildup of household debris in your sewer lines. We can also help prevent tree roots from reaching your unlined pipe.

Professional Sewer Line Clean-out & Repair

If your shower and toilet are both “clogged,” there’s a good chance you have an obstruction deep in your sewer line. The permanent solution is definitely a DDIY job—Don’t Do It Yourself. We’ve seen this problem go from bad to worse when homeowners play plumber for the day. Save yourself the headache and the time by contacting your local Mr. Rooter today. There’s a reason they call us Mr.®

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