How to Clear a Sewer Line Clog

Water pouring through a clogged pipe

A main sewer line clog can affect your whole house—slowing down every drain in your home and causing nasty backups. If left alone, a main sewer line clog could lead to serious water damage, but clearing a main sewer line clog can be very dangerous.

While it’s not recommended that you try to clear any main sewer line on your own, you might try a few home remedies to rule out a clog in your smaller connecting lines before calling a plumber.

  • Plunge on in: Wherever you notice a slow drain—your toilet, your sink, or your bathtub—use a plunger to try to shake loose any obstructions that are within that line. If the high-water levels and slow drains subside, your plunging may have done the trick.
  • Snake it up: Slowly twist a drain snake clockwise into the drain that you believe is obstructed. As you pull the snake out, twist counterclockwise. Use caution, as drain snakes can break off in your drain. If, as you pull the snake back out, you draw out a mass of what you believe was causing a clog, you might have successfully cleaned what was affecting your smaller connecting line.
  • Check the vent: Sometimes, if an obstruction is blocking your vent pipe, pressure will prevent your drains from draining down your main sewer line. To release the pressure, head up to your roof and clear your vent of any obstructions by using a retrieval tool, garden hose, or drain snake.

How the Pros Clean a Main Sewer Line Clog

If none of these tactics is successful, it’s time to call in a professional plumber. Do not try to clear your main sewer line on your own. Even if you rent equipment, you could cause further damage to your home and risk your safety. Mr. Rooter® Plumbing professionals are trained, uniformed, and ready to deliver exceptional service and expert plumbing help. When you call Mr. Rooter to clear your main sewer line clog, here’s how we’ll do it:

  • HydroScrub® Service: For a long-term solution, your Mr. Rooter technician can clean your main sewer line using pressurized water jets. Using a technique called, HydroScrub® Service, our team will scour the line to eradicate tree roots, debris, or other buildup such as grease or pipe scale.
  • Pipe lining: During pipe lining, your Mr. Rooter plumber will line the entire pipe (or just the most troublesome section) with a sleeve to seal it off, stopping any leakage. This prevents exterior pipe moisture that draws in thirsty tree roots. This trenchless method causes less mess, as there is no need to dig up pipes, and it is more permanent.
  • Pipe bursting: Another permanent method, pipe bursting is using hydraulics to break apart old sewer pipes while also installing a new, seamless pipe. This is an effective way to prevent further pipe leaks.
  • Maintenance: Mr. Rooter also offers a regular inspection and drain-cleaning plan to prevent the buildup of household debris in your sewer lines. We can also stop roots from reaching your unlined pipe and causing a problem.

When it comes to clearing your main sewer line, leave the messy work to Mr. Rooter Plumbing. We’ll get the job done safely and correctly to ensure your home’s plumbing is running efficiently. If you’re noticing slow drains or other signs of a sewer line clog, call Mr. Rooter or request an appointment online today to have your main sewer line cleared.

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