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Blog Posts in June

  • Off-center toilet

    How to Move a Toilet Over a Few Inches

    Moving a toilet - even just a few inches - can drastically improve the form and function of a bathroom. Most bathrooms do not make ...

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  • Toilet with the tank covered

    How to Paint Behind a Toilet

    When it’s time to redecorate your bathroom, you will need to know how to paint behind the toilet. You will quickly learn that this ...

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  • Flange parts on the floor in front of a toilet

    How to Remove a Toilet Flange

    The toilet is one of those household conveniences we take for granted…until it stops working. This is even more painfully true if ...

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  • Cheerios in a toilet bowl

    Flushing Food Down the Toilet? Be Careful

    Many of us rely on our garburator, which must be one of the greatest inventions of the 20 th century. It’s so convenient to rinse ...

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