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How to Install a Toilet Seat

Knowing how to install a toilet seat is one of those homeowner tasks you will need to have in your fix-it arsenal at one point or another. You know it’s time for a replacement when the seat feels like it is sliding off the toilet bowl, has too much side-to-side wiggle room, or is cracked or stained. The ideal condition for your toilet seat will be tight, secure, and free from the signs of wear and tear.

Although it’s not a difficult job, there are some basic tools and supplies you should have on hand and a few best practices to keep in mind in order to get the job done right the first time. Let’s take a closer look.

Learn How to Install a Toilet Seat

First things first – you want to begin with a clean seat area for handling during the removal process. With your antibacterial bathroom cleaner of choice, sanitize the toilet seat and surrounding hinge and toilet bowl area to avoid contact with bacteria and viruses as you replace the seat. Once you know the area you will be working on is clean, it’s time to gather your tools and supplies. You will need:

  • Toilet seat kit
  • Tape measure
  • Pliers or an adjustable wrench
  • A flathead screwdriver
  • Lubricating oil  (optional)

With the toilet seat kit and tools in front of you, it’s time to begin the toilet seat installation. Follow these steps:

  1. If your toilet seat is connected to the bowl with bolt caps, remove those first by gently prying them off with a flathead screwdriver – just slip it under the edge of the cap and pull the handle of the screwdriver up to pop off the cap.
  2. No bolt caps? Skip Step #1 and begin by loosening the nuts with your adjustable wrench; do this by looking under the edge of the toilet bowl side and locating the bolts going down and coming out the bottom. Attach the wrench to the nut and turn counterclockwise to loosen.
  3. Remove the old seat’s bolts by continuing to turn the nuts counterclockwise until they come out. Or, if the bolts located at the hinges’ base on top of the toilet have a slot, you can use your screwdriver to turn the bolt counterclockwise until the bolt loosens enough to remove it.
  4. If you discover that the bolts aren’t coming out easily, they may be stuck due to grime or rust. You can use a lubricating spray or oil on the bolt threads, let it sit for a few minutes, and then try again. Still stuck? Try using an adjustable wrench to hold the nut in place while you turn the bolt with the screwdriver.
  5. Once you remove the bolts, remove the toilet seat and hinges and dispose of all old pieces, including seat, nuts, and bolts.
  6. Time for the new seat! Place the seat with the pre-attached hinges on the toilet so the new hinges line up where the old hinges were.
  7. Place the bolts into the hinges’ holes with the head of the bolt pointing up; if the kit comes with washers, place them on the threads of the bolt before placing the nut. Thread the nuts onto each bolt coming through on the bottom edge of the bowl as tightly as you can by hand, and then use the adjustable wrench to tighten more.
  8. If the kit included plastic caps, snap those into place over the hinges and press down to ensure they are secure.

How to Install a Toilet Seat with Professional Help

Not every homeowner is up to the task of installing the toilet seat. If at any point during the project you feel overwhelmed, Mr. Rooter is happy to be your back-up plan. When it comes to plumbing repair and installation, our skilled local plumbing experts make the job hassle free. Call (855) 591-0128 or request a job estimate online today to get the help you need.

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