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Waterless Urinal

How Do Waterless Urinals Work?

How Do Waterless Urinals Work?

Waterless urinals may seem a little too good to be… sanitary and odourless.

  • So, how does a waterless urinal work?
  • Where does the urine go?
  • And what keeps it from stinking up the bathroom?

Waterless urinals divert urine through a one-way valve into a “trap.” This trap contains a chemical that is less dense than urine. When the urine flows through this trap, the liquid displaces the urine, forcing it lower into the trap.

This liquid not only forces the urine down and away from the urinal, it seals odour by preventing any odour or urine from seeping back up into the urinal. As this trap fills up, it diverts urine to a drain connected to a sewer. Over time, this liquid, usually some type of oil or gel, needs to be replaced. Failure to do so will result in poor urinal performance. Maintenance intervals vary on the manufacture but typically it’s about every 1,500 flushes.

Benefits of Waterless Urinals

Since water is not present in the urinal, less bacteria is present. Waterless urinals require less maintenance since there are no flushing mechanisms, cisterns, or water supply pipes. There is no chance of a flood should a pipe freeze or break and there is very little chance of a pipe blockage. Not only do business owners benefit from reduced water usage, but also lower maintenance costs, improved hygiene, and easier installation.

Like anything that sees consistent use, waterless urinals require cleaning and maintenance. The use of harsh cleaning chemicals used for traditional urinals or incorrect procedure can affect the components or liquids / gels used in waterless urinals. When a cartridge wears out or is damaged, a replacement cartridge is easily installed.

Waterless Urinal Installation

Although waterless urinals don’t need a water supply pipe (they don’t “flush”), they still need to be connected to a sewer (where the urine exits the system). If your business wants to make the switch to waterless urinals, Mr. Rooter Plumbing can help. Our plumbing professionals can replace traditional urinals with modern waterless replacements with minimal disturbance to your on-going business operation. Call us at (844) 675-2856 or request a job estimate online.

Waterless urinals and green technology help business owners save money. Home and business owners can also use smart technology for security. Learn more about smart home and business solutions from Mr. Electric, a Neighborly company. Mr. Electric is part of Neighborly’s network of experts committed to providing trustworthy advice and home service.


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