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Blog Posts in January

  • Water Heater

    Water Heater Recovery Time: Hot Water Takes Too Long

    Hot Water Takes Too Long When you lead a busy lifestyle, you want hot water fast. If your hot water heater has a slow recovery ...

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  • Water Heater Temperature dial

    How to Light a Water Heater Pilot Light

    When a water heater pilot light goes out, it usually means that a natural change in gas pressure extinguished the flame. The main ...

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  • Water Heater

    Where Is the Hot Water Heater Pressure Relief Valve?

    Water heater temperature and pressure relief valves, or T&P valves, are a safety feature found on all tank water heaters. The ...

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  • Leaking water heater

    Water Heater Leaking? No, This Isn't Normal

    Did you notice your water heater leaking the last time you inspected it? In case you were wondering, no, this isn’t normal. After ...

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