DIY Steel Pipe Coat Rack

DIY Steep Pipe Coat Rack

DIY Pipe Coat Rack

Affordable and stylish, steel pipe coat racks are the perfect solution to straightening up a cluttered front entrance or mudroom. Organize in style by making one yourself! All it takes to get started is this blog and a visit to the plumbing aisle of your local hardware store.

Steel Pipe Coat Rack Designs

With steel plumbing pipe, the options are endless. You can build a rack that stands on its own and rolls around the room, or make a rack that attaches to the wall. The instructions below will show you how to make a pipe coat rack that is installed on the wall.

How to Make a Steel Pipe Coat Rack

Before you head over to the hardware store to gather supplies, create a plan. Since you’ll need to cut and thread the pipe at the store, you should determine the length of the pipe you want and what fittings you will use.

The list of suggested materials below will make a simple coat rack that is about 48 inches long. This length is ideal for mudrooms or entrances and provides ample coat storage space for a couple or small family. Adjust the dimensions to suit your needs, or find more design inspiration after the tutorial.

Supplies Needed

You may use stainless steel, galvanized or black steel plumber’s pipe. We love the look of black steel pipe; it’s available at most hardware stores and is affordable too!

  • One 48” x 3/4” steel pipe with threaded ends
  • Two 3/4” steel floor flanges
  • Two 3/4” steel 90-degree elbows
  • Two 4 1/2” x 3/4” steel pipe nipples
  • Eight 2” drywall screws and anchors
  • Twelve steel S-hooks
  • Drill with Phillips bit
  • Stud finder
  • Bubble level
  • Spray paint
  • Mineral spirits

Assemble Your Steel Pipe Coat Rack

Remove the tags and stickers, and wash the steel pipe and fittings in hot, soapy water. Screw the nipples into the floor flanges and then the elbows into the nipples. Once these are assembled, screw in the long steel pipe. The connections only need to be hand tight, as you’ll need to take some of them apart later. Now you have a coat rack! Start scouting out the perfect spot for it.

If you want to spray paint the coat rack, now is the time. Start by using mineral spirits to wipe down the steel pipe and fittings. Spray several light coats of paint, and allow it to dry before installation.

Coat Rack Installation

Once the coat rack is assembled, have a friend help you hold it up to find the right height and location. Mark that general location with a pencil.

Use a stud finder to find wall studs, and mark them with pencil. It’s ideal to screw the floor flanges into wall studs so the rack can support plenty of weight. The location of the wall studs may limit your installation location, however. If you simply can’t bear to use the studs, you may use drywall anchors and screw into the drywall only—but the rack won’t support as much weight and could rip out of the wall.

Disassemble the coat rack, and install one floor flange on the wall. The diameter of the floor flange may be wider than the stud; if this is the case, use drywall anchors for the two screws that don’t contact the stud. Connect the remaining pipe fittings, main pipe, and other flange onto the installed floor flange. Use a bubble level to level the steel pipe before you screw in the other floor flange as described above. It’s helpful to have a friend hold it in place while you install the screws.

Hang your S-hooks on your new coat rack, and admire your work. Well done!

Steel Pipe Coat Rack Variations

The directions above are for a very simple steel pipe coat rack—feel free to add design elements, shelves or storage as you see fit. If you’re feeling handy or want more storage, use the suggestions below:

  • Use T-pipes instead of elbows to create an extension off each (or just one) side of the coat rack. Install a nipple, and cap the end with a steel pipe cap for a finished look.
  • Install three T-pipes equidistant from each other on the long steel pipe. Point them up, and screw in a short nipple. Cap each nipple with a floor flange. Use the floor flanges to support a wood board to provide shelf space above the coat rack.

When building shelves or racks with steel pipe, there are endless variations. Don’t be afraid to experiment!

Professional Plumbing Services

Head on over to the Mr. Rooter Plumbing blog to learn other DIY steel pipe crafts, like candle holders! Don’t forget: Mr. Rooter provides more than just helpful DIY projects. When you need plumbing services, our expert plumbers are here to help. You can call us or request a job estimate online.

Steel pipe coat racks aren’t just for the front entrance—use them to free up space and organize clutter in the closet too!