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Uninstalled shower head

How to Change a Showerhead

How to Change a Showerhead

A new showerhead is one of the easiest and most affordable upgrades to any bathroom. Whether you want to install a water-efficient showerhead or change the spray style, changing a showerhead is usually a pretty easy task. Grab an adjustable wrench, some Teflon plumber’s tape, and follow the tips below.

Changing a Showerhead

Most showerheads can simply be unscrewed from the shower arm. Before you grab any hand tools, try to unscrew the showerhead with hand pressure – remember righty tighty, lefty loosey. If the showerhead doesn’t budge, grab an adjustable crescent wrench. Look for two opposing flat spots on the part of the showerhead that screws into the shower arm. Adjust your wrench so it fits this spot. Use your wrench for leverage, and try to loosen the threads on the old showerhead by turning it to the left. Unscrew the showerhead with your hands once it’s loose. Make sure the rubber washer comes off with it.

If the showerhead still won’t turn with wrench pressure, the threads have probably been corroded by lime, calcium and rust over time. Forcing the showerhead may damage the shower arm, wall, or both. Save yourself the frustration of a damaged shower by calling a professional to install the showerhead for you.

Installing a New Showerhead in 8 Steps

  • Inspect the threads on the shower arm before installing the new showerhead.
  • Remove any old Teflon tape. Use a stiff wire brush to lightly scrub the threads and remove any mineral deposits or corrosion.
  • Reapply the Teflon tape (plumber’s tape) to the threads. Keep the tape flat while you wrap, and use about 4 to 5 wraps.
  • Before you screw on the new showerhead, make sure the new rubber gasket is in place.
  • Use your hands to get the showerhead started on the threads, turning it to the right.
  • Once it’s snug, use the wrench to give it a final quarter or half turn. Don’t overtighten! Showerheads do not need a lot of torque; be careful, or you may risk stripping the threads or cracking your new showerhead.
  • Once the showerhead is installed, turn it on and inspect it for leaks. If you see any leaks, use the wrench to give it another half to full turn. Grip the end of the wrench for more leverage.
  • Still leaking? Remove the showerhead and the Teflon tape. Reapply the tape on the threads with ten to twelve wraps this time, and reinstall the showerhead.

Professional Showerhead Installation

If you can’t unscrew your old showerhead or your new showerhead continues to leak, Mr. Rooter can give you professional advice or assistance. Our plumbing professionals can install new showerheads and even clean drains or fix any leaks while we’re there. We’re confident that the quality of our work will give you peace of mind. Just call 855-591-0128, or visit our homepage to schedule an appointment.