10 Most Common Commercial Bathroom Problems

Three urinals on a white tile wall

While every bathroom can face many of the same plumbing issues, commercial bathrooms in offices, warehouses and retail locations experience some different plumbing problems than residential bathrooms do. As a business owner, it’s your job to make sure the bathroom is functional for employees and customers. If you face any of the following 10 most common commercial plumbing problems in your bathroom, call Mr. Rooter® for help.

Faucet leaks

Leaky faucets in bathrooms around your business can waste thousands of gallons per year, needlessly increasing your water bills in the process. Water damage from a leaky faucet is another problem to consider. If the pipe below the sink leaks, water could pool on the floor and, left untreated, cause structural damage over time.

Drain clogs

People tend to be less respectful of commercial bathroom sinks than those in their own homes. Bits of paper towels, food, and dirt can clog a commercial sink drain and cause the water to drain slowly. This paints an unprofessional picture of your business, which could have a negative effect on the way your customers perceive you.

Toilet clogs

Commercial toilets are more difficult to clog than residential ones, but it’s certainly not unheard of. Simply plunging the toilet may be enough to clear the drain, but if not, a plumbing snake may be needed to cut through the clog. Watch out for specific toilets that clog more often, as this could be a sign of root intrusion or a similar problem.

Running toilet

Whether a small leak causes a “phantom flush” or the toilet runs constantly, the problem requires attention from a plumber. Neglecting to repair the issue could result in higher water bills and a greater likelihood of toilet clogs.

Broken toilet handles

It’s common for cheap manual toilet flushers to become broken after aggressive use or children messing around. Of course, this can lead to an embarrassing situation where a bathroom-goer can’t flush. Replace residential-style toilet handles with buttons and motion sensors to solve this problem.

Failed internal toilet parts

Heavy use in a commercial setting can cause internal toilet parts to fail quickly. Don’t attempt to perform complex repairs without the proper know-how. Instead, trust a Mr. Rooter plumber for the job.

Silent leaks

Pipes behind the walls can silently drip, wasting thousands of gallons per year, burning a hole in your bottom line and potentially causing structural damage. Keep your eye on your water bills and if you notice an unexpected hike, hire Mr. Rooter to check for hidden leaks.

Water temperature problems

Commercial water heaters need maintenance the same as everything else. If you notice problems with the hot water supply, sediment could be building up within the tank or your water heater could be leaking. A once-over by a commercial plumber can reveal the problem in no time.

Sewer smells

The smell of waste lingering around sewer drains certainly won’t attract any customers or make your employees happy. If you notice these smells coming from floor drains, call a plumber right away because you might have a sewer backup.

Low water pressure

From toilets that hardly flush to faucets that barely trickle, low water pressure is a serious problem for your business. While a minor problem such as sediment buildup on faucet aerators and pipes is most common, you could also have a break in your main water line, which demands immediate attention.

If your best attempts at avoiding these commercial plumbing problems aren’t enough, contact Mr. Rooter to come service your commercial bathroom. We can fix leaks, clogs, broken parts, and any other problems you’re facing.