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Phones/Tablets vs. Books: Pros and Cons of Reading in the Bathroom

It’s tradition to take a book or magazine into the bathroom with you. However, with the rise of smart phones, tablets and technology, many people choose to bring their phone or tablet with them instead. Below are some pros and cons of bringing each into the bathroom with you.

Smart Phone/Tablet in the Bathroom


  • There are lots of options! You can go on social media, check your emails, play games, browse the Internet, and much more.
  • You can be productive. If you need to catch up with emails and texts, this can be done in the bathroom.


  • You need to get away from your phone. Bathroom time is personal time, and sometimes it’s good to take a break from the outside world.
  • The terror. There’s always the possibility of dropping your phone or tablet in the toilet or getting it wet.
  • It’s dirty. While most people do bring their phone into the bathroom, there have been studies on the germs on your phone from the bathroom. You can read more about what’s living on your phone from the bathroom in this Huffington Post article.

A Book in the Bathroom


  • You can read! Any time you set aside to read a good book is time well spent.
  • You get to take a break from everything else. If you’re reading a book, you won’t be worrying about your family, work, or anything else.
  • It’s enjoyable and fun! Check out these fun bathroom reads.


  • You may not get much reading done. Depending on how much time you spend in the bathroom, you may not read more than a paragraph or two.
  • If you’re reading a good book, you may be inclined to extend your bathroom time longer than necessary (this isn’t always a bad thing).

If you want to find out where germs actually are in your bathroom, check it out here!