National Humor Month: 8 Best Toilet Paper Ads

Toilet paper roll
April is National Humor Month, and to celebrate, we've dug up a few of our favorite, humorous ads. Toilet paper is an everyday item that has been around for years, and not much about it has changed. So how do advertisers keep coming up with new ways to promote their products? Below are eight different commercials that demonstrate creativity and humor.

1. You can’t use an iPad for everything.

The commercial follows a couple where one person does things the old-fashioned way and the other uses an iPad to be more efficient. Throughout, the tech-savvy man looks down a bit at the old-fashioned woman. Yet, in the end, she has the last laugh when he realized there are some things you can’t use an iPad for.

2. Quilted Northern Rustic Weave

This advertisement pokes fun at those who are inclined to use all-natural and organic products. It’s a satirical advertisement that is showing the “craftsmanship” of their northern rustic weave line of toilet paper.

3. Charmin Ultra Strong

They’re the bears that you have gotten to know over the years. The commercial shows the momma bear giving advice to the baby bear about which toilet paper to use and why.

4. Quilted Northern Little Miss puffy

This commercial shares the thoughts of a figurine in a home bathroom that has been placed facing the toilet. You can hear Little Miss Puffy’s inner voice complaining about not wanting to be forced to stare at the toilet all day.

5. Quilted Northern Sir Froggy

This advertisement is very similar to the Little Miss Puffy commercial. It shares the thoughts of a figurine frog that has been placed near the toilet that is complaining about his position in the house. He wishes he was not situated with such a convenient perch to watch restroom activities.

6. Quilted Northern - Unexpected Roll

Middle schoolers are known for using toilet paper to t-pee other houses as a way of pranking. While the homeowners are usually upset by the mess they have to clean up, this homeowner was more impressed by the softness and quality of the toilet paper hanging in her yard.

7. Ouilted Northern - The Cabinet Commercial

This commercial tells the thoughts of toilet paper that thinks it is fancy. It is used in a cabinet to keep fine china from breaking, and so the toilet paper shares its high opinion of itself, speaking in a French accent.

8. Charmin - Halloween

This advertisement came out in late October 2015, so it was themed to go along with the Halloween season festivities. It pokes fun at how it is horrifying to be stuck in someone else’s restroom, and then realize you are out of toilet paper!