Female Plumbers Thrive in Male Dominated Industries

female plumbers thrive in male dominated industries title with women in the trades logo

Your mechanic, your roofer, your electrician, your plumber: Chances are they are all men.

Or, perhaps you just assume they are. Women have long been underrepresented in trade positions. For years, plumbing has been considered a predominantly male-centric profession. However, this could be changing as more women enter into the trade service industries and not only succeed but excel in the professions.

What were once considered male-oriented professions have started to see some changes in the industry. We are seeing a generation of skilled, talented women starting to enter the plumbing industry and other trades. Which is a good thing.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, demand for plumbers is strong, with estimated growth of 21 percent by 2022, versus an average of 11 percent growth across all other industry occupations. As the shortage of skilled tradesmen continues to grow, we need to be looking for ways to increase other employees in the field. One of those ways is through the recruitment of women.

The benefits of hiring a female technician include putting homeowners at ease. Women are typically the ones who meet with the technicians for home service calls. Having a woman show up at the door immediately puts them at ease. In addition, many females prefer to deal with women as they perceive more candid information and explanation and less pressure to purchase.

For women interested in the trade service industries, the career potential is unlimited. Many owners offer flexible schedules, limitless earning potential and the stability of trade industry professions ensures job security. The opportunity to do a job that makes a difference for homeowners is also appealing.

Education is key. Making women of all ages aware of the opportunities in these industries is the first step to gaining the interest needed to begin the career path. Removing the label of a "man's job," women can better understand how their skills and strengths can take them into a successful trade career.

Dwyer Group is proud to support women looking to enter the trades with its six annual scholarships for women entering the plumbing, electrical, landscaping, glass installation, HVAC, restoration, painting, and appliance repair fields. For more information check out the Women in the Trades website.