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Toilet Paper Tube Confetti Launchers

With summer here and the Fourth of July right around the corner, here is a great, easy craft to make with family for celebrations! This DIY confetti launcher is safe for kids to make and use outside especially if you're experiencing a drought but still want to have the excitement of fireworks!

What you'll need:

supplies for toilet roll crafts

  1. Toilet paper tube
  2. Decorative paper
  3. 6-7 inch balloons
  4. Tap (can be decorative)
  5. Glue stick
  6. Scissors

Step One: Cut some of your decorative paper into a medium to large pile of confetti, and then set aside for later use.

scissors and paper scraps

Step Two: Cover the toilet paper roll with your choice of decorative paper, markers, glitter or anything you want to personalize your confetti launcher. This is where you can make your confetti launcher work for you as a party favor or toy for kids, just design according to the theme of your choice!

gift wrapped toilet paper roll

Step Three: Cut a ¼ of the 6-7 inch balloon away from the top of the balloon and tie off at the bottom. You'll need to attach the balloon to the bottom of your toilet paper tube, while not allowing the tube to fold.

toilet paper roll confetti cannon

Step Four: Cover the top of balloon with tape to ensure that it is secured tightly onto the toilet paper tube. (I used decorative tape to add a little extra design to my confetti launcher, but that's up to you.)

toilet roll crafts

Step Five: Fill the confetti launcher with your pre-cut confetti, pull down on the balloon and watch the confetti fly!

toilet roll confetti cannon

By Sarah Trocolli