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Hydroscrub Drain Cleaning

If you're looking for an effective drain cleaning method, HydroScrub® technology could be right for you. Mr. Rooter® uses this superior cleaning technique for residential drains and sewers. It's better than pipe snaking and other conventional methods, making it the standard choice for homeowners who want to enjoy more lasting effects after having their drains cleared.

Still not sold on this option? Consider the top six benefits of HydroScrub® drain cleaning technology.

Enjoy Versatility for Your Specific Application

HydroScrub® nozzles come in many sizes, making this drain cleaning option suitable for pipes between 1.25 inches and 36 inches wide. The process works like this:

A Mr. Rooter plumber inserts the HydroScrub® nozzle downstream of the plumbing system. An opening in the plumbing gives debris a place to go as the system is cleaned. Water pressure up to 3500 psi pulls the nozzle through the pipe. As it works its way upstream, it clears a path so debris can easily flow into the sewer.

Get the Job Done in Less Time

The shorter your plumbing appointment is, the faster you can resume your regular routine. HydroScrub® takes less time to perform than other drain cleaning methods, including pipe snaking.

Restore Pipes to "Like New" Condition

Pipe snaking clears clogged plumbing by traveling through the path of least resistance, opening a narrow passage for water to flow through. This leaves behind soft deposits that quickly collect hair, soap, grease and other debris.

On the other hand, HydroScrub® removes years of buildup from your plumbing that pipe snakes leave behind, including soap residue, hair, grease, oil, mineral deposits and even small roots that have grown into the pipes. This leaves your plumbing as good as new.

Prevent Future Problems

While having a courteous plumber visit your home isn't an unpleasant experience, it gets a bit old having your plumbing serviced again and again. HydroScrub® removes even the most stuck on deposits, providing such a thorough job that you can expect the plumbing to stay clear much longer than if you applied chemical drain cleaners or had pipe snaking performed.

Benefit from Efficient Emergency Clog Removal

There's nothing like a clogged drain to send stress levels soaring. If you're tired of calling for emergency drain cleaning multiple times per year, seek the effective HydroScrub® method. Rest at ease knowing Mr. Rooter is available 24 hours a day to clear clogs in emergency situations.

Implement Preventative Maintenance

As they say, prevention is worth a pound of cure. If you prevent bad clogs from forming in the first place, you can avoid the stress associated with emergency drain cleaning.

Once your plumbing is "like new" following a HydroScrub® cleaning, implement some preventative maintenance tactics to prevent residue from building up again. Some tips include:

  • Dispose of cooking grease, oil and other food particles in the garbage instead of down the kitchen sink.
  • Use Mr. Rooter Enzymatic Drain Care monthly to eliminate fats, oils and grease (FOG) buildup.
  • Avoid flushing garbage down the toilet. Nothing but toilet paper and human waste belongs in the toilet bowl.
  • Install a strainer on all bathroom and shower drains to catch hair and bits of soap. Install another on the side of the kitchen sink without a garbage disposal. Clean these strainers regularly.
  • Schedule routine HydroScrub® drain cleaning. Some amount of future buildup is inevitable, and this final preventative maintenance suggestion tackles any debris that builds up despite your best efforts to stop them.

End those unexpected plumbing clogs once and for all with HydroScrub® drain cleaning. For a free plumbing checkup, please contact Mr. Rooter today.