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Decorating with plumbing pipes title next to image of plumbing pipe book shelves

Top 5 Trends In Plumbing Pipe Decor

Being plumbers, we don't typically think about décor and style (except when it comes to a nice porcelain throne, of course). We're used to working with what you can't see- the pipes underground and in the walls of your home.

Our followers on Pinterest, however, have discovered a love for decorating your home with industrial plumbing pipes! Wonder how you can do this? Here are our followers' top 5 favorites of home decorating with plumbing pipes.

5. Storage Shelves industrial plumbing pipe shelves

If you are looking for a great DIY project this weekend, creating these pipe shelves might just be a winner for you. Although you might wonder how pipes can become a shelf, the pipes are actually just the support for the slats of the shelves. Typically, most people are using stained wooden planks for the slats, but you can customize this in any way for your home. The amount of weight which the shelves can support depends on the material you use for the slats. Take a look for yourself and see what works best for your home. This is definitely one of our favorites.

4. Bathroom Faucetsplumbing fixture faucet

Even though plumbing pipes are already a part of your bathroom's plumbing, you most likely have an installed faucet as part of your sink. Now you can reveal those plumbing pipes and use them for your own faucet. This is something you need a plumber to install for you, so don't try this at home! Mr. Rooter Plumbing can replace any of the pipes and fixtures in your home to give you a stand-out bathroom like this one. My Home Life has some great decorating tips for your bathroom. Take a look!

3. Lighting Fixturesplumbing pipe light fixture

Plumbing pipes have become a nice addition to that bright little light bulb in your home. They create an industrial or rustic feel to your home, depending on how you finish the pipes. Don't worry- both themes are great ideas for your home. Have an electrician come out and run these for you- we don't want you harming yourself when trying to decorate your home! You can find some of these light fixtures already assembled online. Do you have a similar way of decorating? Share your ideas with us and we'll share them in our next blog post.

2. Industrial Chairsteel plumbers pipe chair

Moving into a new home, you may decide that you want some new patio furniture. After all, it sure would be nice to enjoy some sunshine and comfort. Our Pinners love these industrial chairs made with a plumbing pipe frame, and we think they look great with a nice wooden table to accompany them. These chairs have a sleek look to them, and they are incredibly easy to clean. You may want to make sure you have sliders under each of the pipe legs, or add a rounded corner ti the bottom of the frame. You're going to love these chairs!

1. Raw Pipe Shelvessteel plumbers pipe bookshelf

Sometimes pipes don't need any other additions- you just need the pipes themselves! Check out our most loved pin, which has been transformed into an awesome bookshelf. This makes for a perfect addition in any living room or library. Our Pinners have continued to share this since we first found it online, and we hope that more and more people will be creating these! Of course, you can use raw pipe and make anything with it- they don't have to be shelves on the wall. Use it as a rod, or a stand, or simply as decoration on the wall.

Take a look at all of our boards and pins on Pinterest, and find your next DIY project!


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