April Fools: Jokes A Plumber Could Play

Jokes A Plumber Could Play title next to happy face

April 1 marks the day people can pull all sorts of pranks - and get away with it - thanks to a little tradition called April Fool's Day. From cruel to gross to downright ridiculous, we've all doled out and succumbed to our fair share of pranks over the years.

Mr. Rooter® is a courteous gentleman, but if he wasn't, he might play some dirty plumbing jokes on April Fool's Day.

Toilet Snake

It's not unheard of for snakes to get trapped in toilet bowls. News stories crop up every year about people finding or being bitten by snakes trapped in their toilet. If a mean-spirited plumber had the "snake in the toilet" prank in mind, he might mention this while doing a repair job just to get the idea out there.

Then, he would carefully coil a spring-loaded snake under the toilet seat. When the victim innocently lifted the lid, they would be caught by surprise as the toy leapt out. Of course, it wouldn't hurt the victim the way a real snake could, but it would surely scare them plenty!

Confetti Surprise

Instead of coiling a snake inside the toilet to induce a fearful reaction, how about something a little more lighthearted? A plumber could tape a small confetti container to the underside of the toilet lid and attach the pull string to the seat with just the right amount of slack between them. When someone lifts the lid, surprise! Flying confetti and a corresponding "pop!" are sure to result in confusion followed by lots of laughs.

Plastic Wrapped Toilet Bowl

You normally use plastic wrap to cover food before storing it in the fridge. The April fool's use of plastic wrap gets much more creative.

Take, for example, the "plastic wrapped toilet bowl" prank. This is when the toilet bowl opening is surreptitiously covered with a layer or two of the clear plastic. If the unsuspecting victim doesn't notice, they could end up making a mess of things.

Petroleum Jelly-ed Toilet Seat

Normally you lift the toilet lid and take a comfortable seat on the porcelain throne to do your business. But what if the seat was smeared with petroleum jelly? You wouldn't notice the addition until your skin came in contact with it.

By then it would be too late - you would be slipping and sliding all over the place. Not to mention, you'd have an interesting time cleaning the jelly off.

Aptly-Aimed Showerhead

Most people turn on the shower from the outside and climb in once the water gets warm. Turning on the water is such an uneventful task that a lot of people fail to look at the showerhead closely before turning on the water.

If a mean-spirited plumber gets there first, he could aim the showerhead so it soaks the victim with cold water the moment the water comes on. Wouldn't that be a surprise!

Rubber-Banded Sprayer

Many kitchen faucets come with a sprayer attachment for getting food off hard-to-reach surfaces in the sink. For April Fool's Day, a plumber who just fixed a leak could add a sneaky addition: a rubber band wrapped around the sprayer handle. Then, when the victim turns on the faucet, the water stream would be redirected to the sprayer for a wet surprise.

Mr. Rooter wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of these plumbing jokes, and you probably wouldn't, either. So if you decide to pull any pranks on April 1, make sure no one will get hurt. Remember, plumbing jokes are all well and good as long as everyone's laughing in the end.