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How To Have a Safe 4th of July

As you know, Mr. Rooter ® is a gentleman, and a gentleman always makes safety a top priority. Even though the 4th of July is all about festivities and fun and fireworks, you should always put safety first. Follow these tips to help you have a fun and safe Independence Day.

Swim with Caution

Water sports are an integral part of 4th of July celebrations, but if you're not careful, an amusing time could turn into a disaster. If you plan to go swimming this weekend, make sure you:

  • Never swim alone.
  • Supervise your children's water play activities or designate a chaperone to keep an eye out at all times.
  • Make sure young children wear flotation devices while in and around the pool or other body of water.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol if you plan to go swimming.
  • Don't swim in a lake or waterway crowded with boats.

Stay Hydrated

Outdoor activities prevail over the 4th of July, but dehydration is a real possibility during this hot time of year. Carry a water bottle with you, especially if participating in sports or other physical activities. Remember that soda and alcohol actually promote dehydration, so stick to water when you're thirsty.

Wear Sunscreen

The sun's UV rays can do a surprising amount of damage in very little time during the height of summer. Protect your skin from cancer-causing rays by wearing full-spectrum sunscreen of 30 SPF or higher. If you spend several hours outside, go swimming or get sweaty, reapply the sunscreen to get you through the rest of the day.

Avoid Mosquito Bites

Mosquitoes are bound to be an unavoidable part of your festivities, especially as dusk approaches. Follow these tips to avoid mosquito bites:

  • Wear insect repellent if you're outside at dawn or dusk. Always follow label directions when applying repellent and double check whether it's suitable for children before applying it to a child's skin.
  • Wear long sleeves and long pants.
  • Avoid wearing perfume, cologne or other heavy scents that attract mosquitoes.
  • If the party is taking place in your yard, empty containers of standing water that mosquitoes could breed in.

Prepare Food Safely

As you prepare dishes for the big day, follow these safe food handling tips:

  • Clean all surfaces and wash your hands with soap and water before preparing food.
  • Use a dedicated cutting board for raw meat and poultry.
  • Separate raw food from cooked meat. Don't let them touch the same cutting boards, plates or serving utensils.
  • Cook burgers until a food thermometer reaches 160 degrees when inserted into the meat.

Don't Leave Food Out All Day

Allowing food to sit at room temperature for longer than two hours invites harmful bacterial growth. And if the picnic is sitting outside where it's more than 90 degrees, the time limit drops to one hour. Keep hot food hot with chafing dishes and cold food cold with ice-packed coolers. If any food spoils, opt to toss it out in the trash, not the garbage disposal, to help you avoid any plumbing problems.

However you plan to celebrate Independence Day this year, we ask that you follow these safety tips to ensure a good time for all! If you succumb to a plumbing emergency over the holiday, please contact Mr. Rooter to straighten out the problem.