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Bathroom reading part three title next to image of stacked magazines

Bathroom Reading Month: Part 3

Do you become frustrated when nature calls? Do you feel as though your day is interrupted when you're forced to leave your desk in favor of the bathroom?

You can view trips to the toilet as a boring waste of time - or you can see them as an enlightening break from your regular routine. All you need are the right educational magazines stacked neatly by the commode. Here are our top six picks to ensure you never think bathroom breaks are a waste of time ever again.

National Geographic

As one of the largest nonprofit scientific and educational institutions on earth, the National Geographic Society has been inspiring people to care about geography, archaeology and natural sciences since 1888. Each issue of National Geographic fires up your imagination as you view breathtaking, exclusive photographs and read enlightening stories from journalists who travel around the world. Just one story and you'll be transported from your bathroom to the ice fields of Antarctica, the jungles of South America or anywhere in between.

Scientific American

Founded in 1845, this educational magazine is the oldest continually published magazine in the US. When you subscribe, you can learn about everything from advances in energy and technology to space travel and how the brain works. It's the perfect way to pick up tidbits about your body and the world we live in. Talk about making good use of your time in the loo!


This magazine takes a look at a wide variety of topics - science, history, art, pop culture and technological innovation, to name a few. These are many of the subject matters exhibited by the Smithsonian Institution, an educational facility with 19 museums, nine research centers and more than 180 worldwide affiliates. Reading the Smithsonian magazine on your break is like having a museum in your bathroom!

Popular Mechanics

Despite its seemingly distinguishing name, Popular Mechanics is about far more than just cars. It offers a look at the newest technology and its application in various industries; reviews the latest gadgets and informs you whether they're worth buying; provides home maintenance tips; and much more. When you subscribe, you can opt for the physical magazine or a digital version for your tablet or Smartphone. Either way, you'll be armed with educational reading material when you hit the bathroom.

Astronomy Magazine

If you're a space exploration fan, this is the perfect reading material for you to pass the time in the bathroom. Astronomy magazine is the world's best-selling magazine on this subject. It offers stunning images, timely coverage of the latest discoveries, and accurate observing tips for enjoying meteor showers, solar eclipses and more. Whether you're an astronomy guru or a casual observer, the easy-to-understand format makes the stars more accessible than ever.

American History Magazine

History buffs, listen up: this magazine is for you. Learn about our country's history more in-depth than ever before with thoroughly researched stories accompanied by beautiful photography and artwork. Thought-provoking essays on historical events you take for granted bring America's past to life with every issue. If you keep American History magazine by the toilet, you'll always come out of the bathroom knowing a little more about our past than you did before.

By picking up a few facts here and there from these educational magazines each time you take a bathroom break, you'll soon become a walking encyclopedia. If you missed them, be sure to check out our previous editions of Bathroom Reading Month where we shared which self-help books and Smartphone apps can help you make the most of your time in the bathroom.