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Toilet Seat Art Museum title next to wall of toilet seats

Toilet Seat Art Museum

If you're looking for some sights to see, look no farther than the Toilet Seat Art Museum in San Antonio, Texas.

Owner and retired master plumber Barney Smith operates the small museum out of his garage. Now in his nineties, Smith had no intention of having a "museum" just for his artwork on toilet seats. But now that he has been broadcast across all local TV stations, he had no other option than to make his garage a public space.

As of the end of 2014, Smith has 1,150 decorated toilet lids- and that number continues to grow!

Stories found on each of the lids include a memorial to Michael Jackson and the Challenger space shuttle, volcanic ash from Mount St. Helens, and other controversial topics.

Visitors are more than welcome to donate a toilet lid, as he's always looking for more canvases. Your name will then be engraved on the lid when he uses it!

Want to learn more? You can visit the museum online for more information on how to schedule a visit.

The museum is located at 239 Abiso Avenue, San Antonio, Texas. Barney prefers that you give him 20 minutes warning if you are coming for a visit, and can be reached at 210-824-7791.

Great work, Barney!