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"Let It Flow" ... New Holiday Give Back Campaign

Count Your Blessings and Bless Others

The holidays are a special time to count all our blessings, and find ways to bless others. This year Mr. Rooter Plumbing wanted to lift the burdens of those in need at Christmastime. What would the true spirit of giving look like between Mr. Rooter's across North America and their customers? Out of our brainstorming was born the "Let It Flow" campaign, which is being 'unrolled' across the United States and Canada this month.

Mr. Rooter holiday rhyme

What Is "Let It Flow?"

Let It Flow is a 2015 holiday campaign designed to give Mr. Rooter Plumbing customers a helping hand when they need it the most. On one secret day during the month of December, many Mr. Rooter Plumbing owners will donate their plumbing service to customers who call for repairs. We know that our customers have been busy generously using their resources to bless others, buying food and gifts, and hosting friends and loved ones visiting for the holidays. When plumbing woes strike this time of year, it can be a real damper to the Yuletide cheer! Clogs in the pipes can cause unwanted stress and fuss. So we thought, "What if this year, you hand your burden to us?"

What Does It Look Like?

What happens when we surprise customers with plumbing service donated by us? You'll have to watch our video series to find out! Click above to catch a sneak peek of our special "Let It Flow" campaign! Like what you see? Be sure to share, like, retweet and favorite on social media, and join the conversation using hashtag #letitflow.

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