Plumbing Issues Caused By Heavy Rain

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Although you may feel comfortable with the fact that your pipes and drains are in great condition and there are no leaks in your home, you can still face plumbing problems from external forces. One time this may happen is during and after heavy rainstorms. Municipal sewer systems are designed to take the excess rainwater away from your home, but if the rain is falling at a rate that’s too much for the sewer system, or your property, to handle, the results can be very unsettling. Here are some plumbing issues that may be caused by heavy rain.

Sewer Backup

Quite often, the cause of your home’s sewer line backing up after heavy rain is because the city sewer is backed up. In these instances, there isn’t much you can do but wait for the rain to stop, the city sewers to go back to normal and then survey the damage. A wet vacuum and dehumidifier may clean things up, or you may need more extensive repairs. If you have a sewer backup for any reason, don’t enter the area if there is a chance of live electrical current flowing. If you aren’t sure, err on the side of caution and call for help.

Septic Tank Flooding

If you have a septic system in your home, heavy rain may cause flooding issues that you need to address. A flooded septic tank can cause the soil around the tank to become saturated, increasing the pressure on the tank itself. When the drain field that supports your septic tank becomes flooded and saturated, the wastewater has nowhere to go but back through the pipes and into the tank, which defeats the purpose of the system. If your septic system floods during heavy rains, your plumber may need to perform some extra pumping, or you may be faced with certain restrictions until the drain field has a chance to dry out.

Flooded Basement

If your home has window wells that are susceptible to filling up during heavy rains, or if your home lies on uneven ground with poor natural drainage, basement flooding may be an issue. A serious basement flood can result in rotting wood, mold growth and ruined furniture, fixtures and keepsakes. Not to mention the cleanup and repairs that can take weeks or months to complete. If you live in a home that suffers from basement flooding, you may want to consider having a sump pump installed to help minimize the damage when heavy rain becomes an issue.