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Outdoor Water Activities title next to pool water

Outdoor Water Activities

There are two dreaded words every parent hates to hear in the summer, "I'm bored." But trying to come up with an activity that's inexpensive and fun when it's stifling hot outside can be a chore.

The folks at Mr. Rooter know a thing or two about water and we also know that kids love water activities when it's hot outside. So we've come up with some great outside water activities that will knock the socks off the boredom blues.

So, let's get started on some splish-splashin' outdoor water fun!

Homemade Sprinkler

PVC Pipe
Two 10 feet pieces of ½ inch PVC pipe
One PVC t-joint
One PVC hose-to-pipe connector
Four PVC elbow joints
PVC cement
Pipe cutters or saw

  • Cut the 10 foot pipes into (4) four feet pieces
  • Drill holes along the four foot pipes
  • Cut one 4 foot piece in half and connect it using the t-joint. Attach the hose-to-pipe connector to the third side of the t-joint using PVC glue.
  • Using the elbow pieces, glue corners to each end of the 2-foot pipes, and connect the remaining pieces into a square.
  • Let the glue dry for a few minutes before attaching the hose.
  • Turn the hose on high and let the kids have a blast!
    (In a bind, an empty two-liter bottle can be attached to the end of the hose with waterproof tape. Drill holes in the bottle and turn on the hose)

DIY Slip and Slide

Plastic sheeting (3 or 4 mm) or tarp
Landscape pins or camping stakes

  • Pin the corners of the tarp to keep it in place
  • Wet the entire slide
  • Add soap, paint, or oil for extra fun and added slip

Inflatable Pool Kickball (for the big kids*)

Three inflatable kiddie pools
One Slip and Slide

  • Fill up three inflatable pools and arrange them as "bases" as you would a kickball game.
  • Attach a hose or sprinkler to the slip and slide. Add soap or baby oil for extra slip.
  • Play ball!
  • When you're rounding third base, slide into home on a soapy, sudsy strip.
    *There is a lot of slipping and sliding, so be careful when running in wet grass

Water Blob

Two 9x12' plastic sheets (4mm thick)
Duct tape
Watering hose

  • Tape all four sides together as precisely as possible, leaving a small hole for the hose. When you attach the hose, add extra duct tape to prevent leaks.
  • Spray the top of the blob before putting the hose in the blob and filling it with water or pop a few holes in the top of the blob for more water and fun.

Water Park Playground

Outdoor playground
Tarp or plastic sheeting
Water hose

  • Turn your playground into a water park by placing a tarp or plastic sheeting at the end of the playground slide, as a launch pad for the kiddos.
  • Run the hose up the top of the playground to keep the slide wet, or attach a 2-liter bottle sprinkler head for a fun shower.