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Blog Posts in August

  • national water quality month title next to bubbles in water

    Water Quality Month

    Have you ever considered that water is the most important building block of all life? Every living thing depends on it. The way ...

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  • Mr. Rooter logo surrounded by tools

    How To Locate And Shut Off Your Main Water Supply

    Many new homeowners, even long time homeowners, do not know where to shut off their main water supply. As plumbers, we know ...

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  • Outdoor Water Activities title next to pool water

    Outdoor Water Activities

    There are two dreaded words every parent hates to hear in the summer, "I'm bored." But trying to come up with an activity that's ...

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  • National Tell A Joke Day title next to two people laughing

    National Tell a Joke Day

    Did you know that August 16 is National Tell a Joke Day? It really is...no joke. Instead of just throwing out a few one-liners on ...

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