Toilet Terms and Slang you Need to Know

As if plumbing and toilets weren't unintentionally funny enough, the perfectly serious words used to describe plumbing parts and functions can be on another level of weird.

strange plumbing terms infographic


A round rubber ring or washer is used to create a water-tight seal.

Drip Chanel

A metal catch to prevent water from running down a shower door when it is open.


The act of cleaning out pipes using a long, flexible metal wire.

The John

Another name for the toilet or bathroom.



Connecting the threading of two parts to ensure a tight seal.


The fill valve controls the flow of water from the water supply line into a toilet tank.

Sweating Copper

Soldering pipes together to form a solid bond.

Water Hammer

A knocking noise in a water pipe occurs when a tap is turned off briskly.

Bonnet Washer

Flat washers are used to stop any leakage that occurs between the faucet bonnet and the body of the faucet.