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Toilet Tag title next to kids playing on jungle gym

Toilet Tag

Want to encourage your kids to get up and play? The next time you're in charge of a playgroup or hosting a birthday party, consider setting up a game of tag. Just make sure you tell the kids this is no ordinary game of tag; this is toilet tag!

Kids ages 5 to 12 will have a blast playing this silly twist on a classic game. You don't need any equipment, just an open field or gym to play in and a group of willing kids. If you play outside, make sure you set specific boundaries to the play area. The game gives the kids a chance to run around, get their exercise, and laugh until they can't run anymore. Here's how it works.

Select one to three players to be "it," depending on the number of people playing. For every person who's "it," there should be three to five players trying not to get tagged. Ask for volunteers to be "it" or make the determination by drawing straws or something similar. Differentiate the "it" player by having them wear brightly colored vests.

To get the game started, ask the "it" players to stand by you while everyone else scatters across the play area. On your signal, the "it" players are released. Their goal is to tag all the other players. Similar to freeze tag, the tagged players must stop in place when an "it" player touches them. The difference is, to get "unfrozen," they must be flushed.

To do this, the tagged player assumes the "toilet position" by kneeling on one knee with the other knee raised, holding their arm up and sticking out their thumb sideways like a toilet handle. Un-tagged players have to dodge the "it" players to reach their frozen comrades. Then they sit down on the frozen player's raised knee and "flush the toilet" by pulling on the frozen player's thumb. To add to the humor, the player must also make a flushing noise in order to freeze the frozen player. Once flushed, the frozen player can jump up and resume play.

As an additional rule you can play with if you want, players who have been tagged three times have to grab a vest from the sidelines and join the "it" players. This gives the players more incentive not to be tagged.

Set a time limit. The "it" players win if everyone is tagged and frozen in the toilet position before the time limit is reached. The regular players win if they still have even a single player left standing when time's up. You can make the game a little more competitive if only the untagged players are deemed the winners.

Whatever way you decide to play, the kids are bound to have a great time and get their daily dose of exercise in at the same time.