10 Fabulous Bathroom Upgrades

10 Fabulous Bathroom Upgrades
Are you considering a bathroom remodel? Perhaps you want to add such unique features that you floor your guests when they use the facilities. Whether you're going for the shock factor or something to add to the luxurious feel of your bathroom, consider adding a unique feature from one of these ten interesting bathrooms.


In this bathroom, located in a home in Los Angeles, the designer added something completely unexpected but completely cozy: a fireplace. If your master bedroom and bath share a wall, you can add a fireplace in the wall separating them and enjoy the heat from both sides. Add a programmable thermostat to control the fireplace and it guarantees warm tile in the bathroom when you get up every morning!

Vintage Dresser Vanity

Vintage anything is considered very chic these days. Put the item in an expected place and you're bound to turn heads. If you find the perfect vintage dresser at a flea market but think you have nowhere to put it, consider installing it in the bathroom for a glamorous vintage vanity.

Modern Sink and Faucet

Why settle for ordinary when you can have an extraordinary place to wash up in the morning? In this bathroom in Vietnam, guests wash their hands in style. The image featured certainly isn't your run-of-the-mill faucet, and the vessel sink adds a nice touch as well.

Huge Vanity Mirror

Hanging a larger-than-life mirror over the vanity not only increases its functionality, but it also widens the space and makes it feel larger by reflecting the room back at you. Add a beautiful frame to match and you have a winning bathroom feature to use in your own home.

Cove Lighting

In this Denver bathroom, the designer incorporated unique cove lighting. This illuminates the room with defused light, which is gentle on the eyes after just waking up in the morning. If you have coves in your bathroom, it's easy to add a string of lights and achieve this upscale effect. It's also worth adding coves if your bathroom lacks this feature so you can enjoy this high-end lighting effect.

Luxury Bathtub

Located in Chicago, the picture shown here makes it clear that your tub can be as luxurious as any 5-star hotel. The window behind the tub serves to naturally light the bathroom, though the modern chandelier ensures plenty of light even after dark. Just picture lining this tub with candles for a relaxing evening of bubbles and soap.

Matching Fixtures

The design of the tub, sink and toilet in this picture clearly match. Similar lines, identical faucets and matching materials tie every fixture together. If you're about to undertake a total bathroom redesign, consider buying fixtures from a single manufacturer to achieve this look.

Oversized Shower

Who wants to cram into a tiny shower? Give yourself plenty of room to move around with an oversized shower. This leaves space for multiple showerheads, shelves and even a walk-in design that eliminates the shower door without getting water everywhere.

Ample Storage

With enough bathroom storage, nothing needs to be on display to your guests. Store everything from linens and extra toilet paper to your everyday toiletries off the counters and out of sight.

Windows and Skylights

Picture watching the sun rise through the window as you get ready in the morning or stargazing through the skylight while soaking in the Jacuzzi tub at night. By copying this gorgeous bathroom design, you can do just that.

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