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Everything But the Kitchen Sink title next to image of kitchen sink

Everything but the Kitchen Sink

During the holiday season, you typically think about everything possible to make sure the holidays well. You make sure that you have enough food for everyone. You blow up an extra air mattress or two for the in-laws. You even have a little stack of games in the living room you pulled out of the closet to keep people entertained.

But did you think about the kitchen sink? Probably not.

This may be a strange question, but your kitchen sink is an important part of the holiday season. While you're working in the kitchen and preparing some wonderful meals, your kitchen sink is a tool that you use. Rather than clogging it up and needing a plumber during the holidays, follow these tips to keep your sink running smoothly:

  • Keep all jewelry away from the sink. If you take off your rings or bracelets, keep them in the bedroom or on the counter away from edges.
  • Throw away food scraps rather than putting them down the disposal, especially foods heavy with fats, oils and grease. These foods can stick to the pipes and create clogs.
  • If you are preparing food in the sink, be sure to keep hot water running down the drain along with the foods that you are washing down. This will help ensure that the food continues out through your pipes.
  • Some kitchen sinks start to smell. Never fear! Orange or lemon peels, water, and ice can help break up the foods in the disposal AND it will make your kitchen smell citrus fresh.

If you do have any problems with your kitchen sink (or any other plumbing) this holiday season, visit mrrooter.com to find the nearest plumbing expert to you.