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This Mother's Day, Create a Bathroom Oasis title next to woman laying down in spa

This Mother's Day, Create a Bathroom Oasis

If you're the partner of a wonderful woman who treats you well, why not surprise her with a bathroom oasis this Mother's Day? No matter your budget or the time you have to spend on transforming her bathroom, you'll find an idea that works for you on this list. Starting with the simplest to the most extravagant, here are seven ways to make the bathroom an oasis for Mom this Mother's Day.
  1. Clean it for her: The bathroom is one of the most laborious rooms to clean in your home. Don't you dare leave the master bath dirty on Mother's Day weekend! Clean not only the counter, sink and toilet, but the floors, tub, shower wall and mirror as well. It may seem like a simple gift, but believe us; she'll love stepping into a sparkling clean bathroom on Sunday morning.
  2. Prepare a relaxing bubble bath: With the bathroom spick and span, take it one step further by pouring a luxurious bath for your partner. We're talking the works: a few drops of lavender oil in the water, an inflatable bath pillow to rest her head on, candles emitting a soft glow, ambient music playing, and a bowl of strawberries and glass of champagne at the ready. She'll melt when she sees this elaborate setup.
  3. Improve the bathroom experience with waterproof speakers: The above two ideas are great for Mother's Day, but a unique gift like waterproof speakers keep on giving long after the holiday is over. It's a great gift for any music lover who likes to jam out in the shower and while getting ready for the day. Consider unveiling the gift alongside a clean bathroom and use it to play music with the relaxing bubble bath idea.
  4. Invest in luxury towels: If your current towels leave something to be desired, surprise the mother of your children with a brand new set. Make sure they match the bathroom's color scheme and buy at least two sets so you can rotate through them on laundry day. Not sure what style she'll want? Egyptian cotton and super absorbent styles are probably a safe bet.
  5. Retile the shower: Give your bathroom the facelift your partner has always wanted by re-tiling the shower. A professional can likely get the job done in a single afternoon. That way, Mom leaves for work in the morning with the bathroom looking the same as ever and returns home to a remade bathroom oasis.
  6. Install a Jacuzzi tub: Such a major change is probably only wise if the two of you have been talking about the upgrade for a while. And unless you bar her from the master suite or lock her out of the house for a couple of days, it's unlikely this upgrade will be a surprise. Still, there's no better time to turn her fantasy into reality than on Mother's Day.
  7. Install a double shower: On par in size and scope with adding a Jacuzzi tub, a double shower could be the perfect bathroom upgrade to surprise your partner. Again, you probably only want to go for this type of installation if the two of you have discussed how nice it would be to have a more spacious shower.

These bathroom ideas are sure to make Mother's Day more memorable for that special woman in your life. For help making your partner's dreams of a bathroom oasis a reality, please contact Mr. Rooter® today.