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Outdoor Patio Ideas for Plumbing from Mr. Rooter title next to image of kitchen

Outdoor Patio Ideas for Plumbing from Mr. Rooter

It's that time of year again! The sun is shining, the temperature is up and the outdoors are calling. What better way to enjoy your time soaking up all the vitamin D the sun is sharing (safely, of course!) than to include some modern conveniences into your backyard oasis? Here are our favorite ideas for outdoor patio ideas for plumbing fun for the spring:

Fountain of Soothe

Nothing is more relaxing than the sound of bubbling, flowing water when it's time to relax and meditate. Decorative fountains are the perfect addition to your serene scene, adding to the overall ambiance and zen-ness of your yard.

tall garden fountain

Rain Fan

The sound of rain is overwhelmingly considered one of the world's most calming cadences. Some folks have found a way to incorporate plumbing into the mix and make beautiful music. This outdoor orchestra was produced using rain gutters, pipes and horns to create various musical sounds when it rains.

funny house gutters

Bathe in luxury

Modern outdoor showers seem to be all the rage, however the extravagance of having an outdoor bath has been sadly overlooked. As long as you have a private outdoor area, shaded from possible onlookers, an outdoor bath is the epitome of luxury. A relaxing dip among the sounds of song birds could possibly be heaven on earth.

modern outdoor shower head spraying

Water ya Gun-na do?

This innovative and fun water gun is sure to make the little ones smile and lead to hours of spraying fun. One of the worst parts of traditional water guns is the pesky task of refilling. With this water gun constructed of PVC pipe and a water hose, this tedious step is taken out of the equation. Not only will the kids love it, but it's pretty exciting for the kids at heart as well.

pvc water fun

It's for the birds

Although this last one has nothing to do with outdoor plumbing, we are still Mr. Rooter and the toilet reigns supreme. Take a few moments with the little ones to create bird feeders made from toilet paper rolls. Take an empty toilet paper roll and spread peanut butter over the entire surface with a plastic knife. Place bird seed on a plate and roll the cylinder until all peanut butter is covered in seed. Head outside and place the bird feeder on a tree limb and watch the hungry birds fill up.

bird eating birdseed


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