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Odor Eliminator Advice for you bathroom title next to white toilet

Odor Eliminator Advice for Your Bathroom

Some smells bring back wonderful memories of childhood, a delicious dinner out, a life-changing vacation, even of a great friend or family member. Of course some odors do not bring fond memories. Does your bathroom have an unpleasant aroma even with frequent cleanings? Often there are reasons why the bathroom smells less than fresh. If you are interested in an odor eliminator to banish odors for good, check out some tips to getting the spring fresh smell back in your bathroom.

  • Fresh Air Flow

    Air out the room by turning on fans and opening windows to get the fresh air circulating in the room. This also keeps humidity in check to prevent leading to mildew growth. Leave the door open when not in use as this also helps with airflow.
  • Air Dry

    Make sure to hang towels separately so they have plenty of air to dry. This will also prevent them getting musty quickly and will also help them dry faster. If drying on a rack make sure to leave space between each towel. Ensure you wash your bath mat frequently as well. If frequent washing of these items is not improving their musty smell try washing them first with hot water and ½ cup of white vinegar in the machine, and then again with your normal laundry detergent. Make sure they are completely dry before storing them in the linen closet.
  • Scrub the Shower

    Make sure to air out the shower after each use. You may need to clean your shower curtain to prevent mold growing, as well as frequently washing the tiles/grout.
  • Leak Check

    The window, tub, sink or toilet could be leaking and causing odors. Replace the seal under the toilet at the floor if you find water on your floor on a regular basis. If water pools under the sink make sure you don't have a leak in a pipe. If need be you can contact a plumber to determine the cause.
  • Clean the Drain

    If drains are causing the smell try pouring a cup of baking soda down the drain followed by a cup of vinegar. Leave it for ½ an hour and pour hot water down the drain.
  • Take Out The Trash

    Remember to take the bathroom garbage out frequently and don't be afraid to use plug in air fresheners to keep the room smelling fresh.

If you smell sewage reach out to your Mr. Rooter plumber to resolve any potential plumbing problems and help turn your foul odors in to fresh odors.


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