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Rooter Readers: Bathroom Books Week #2 title next to open book

Rooter Readers: Bathroom Books Week 2

If you visit the bathroom five times a day, you flush 1,825 times per year. If you spend even just five minutes in there per trip, that's 152 hours per year sitting on the loo. What a waste of time! Fortunately, with our Rooter Readers weekly blog posts, you can learn the top books to read in the bathroom. Our first edition covered puzzle and trivia books, but if that doesn't interest you, never fear, these bizarre facts and historic tidbits are sure to pique your interest.

Uncle John's Extraordinary Book of Facts and Bizarre Information

Uncle John's Bathroom Reader: Extraordinary Book of Facts and Bizarre Information

Looking for some short facts and quick reading materials for the can? Open up to any random page in this extraordinary book and you'll be astonished at what you can learn. For example, did you know that "exocannibals" eat their enemies while "indocannibals" eat their friends? That the average 4-year-old laughs 400 times a day, while adults only chuckle a measly 15 times a day? It's valuable information like this that you'll enjoy sharing with your friends when you get back from the bathroom.

The Greatest Stories Never Told

The Greatest Stories Never Told

History books are full of stories about great armies colliding, mighty civilizations rising, and powerful leaders falling. However, sometimes history is shaped by smaller events, such as a chauffeur taking the wrong turn, a scientist forgetting to clean up his lab, or a drunken solider getting a little rowdy. This book is full of 100 such tales from history to astonish, bewilder, and stupefy. Did you know the Pilgrims landed on Plymouth Rock because they ran out of beer? Have you heard the story of how three cigars changed the course of the Civil War? If you want to learn more, this anthology is bathroom literature gold.

Guinness Book of World Records

Whatever records people have set or broken, you can learn about them from the Guinness Book of World Records. Some are straightforward, such as world records earned by the fastest and strongest Olympians. Others are quite odd, such as the world's largest pizza, shortest siblings and highest reverse bungee jump. Full of stats and pictures of the real things, you'll love learning the extremes that some people will go to get in the record books.

What's in a Name

What's In a Name

Have you ever wondered how well-known companies like Coca-Cola or Kodak got started? Did you know there's a connection between your microwave oven and radar, a link between bottle caps and razor blades? If you love learning new things about a world you take for granted, you'll love killing a few minutes on the can with this book. Plus, you can wow your friends with your newfound knowledge about artificial sweeteners, Ponzi schemes, and the story behind Santa Claus.

The Ultimate Book of Top 10 Lists

The Ultimate Book of Top 10 Lists

Learn bizarre facts, astonishing truths and useful tips from categories that include movies, music, crime, sports, history, celebrities, trivia and much more. Flip to any page you wish and learn something you never knew you never knew. Finally, you have a way to make use of the 152 hours you spend in the bathroom every year! And this is only the start. Stay tuned for more editions of Rooter Readers to learn about other intriguing books to read in the bathroom.