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Rooter Readers: Bathroom Books Week #1 title next to open book with reading glasses

Rooter Readers: Bathroom Books Week 1

You spend a lot of time in the bathroom every day, more time than you would like you admit. It's boring in there, too; a boring, colossal waste of time. What if you could make trips to the commode a more enjoyable experience? That's what we hope to help you do with our Rooter Readers Week blog posts. This first edition is for all you puzzle lovers out there. Whether you like words or numbers, trivia or logic, consider stocking your bathroom with these top five puzzle books from Uncle John's Bathroom Reader collection.

Bathroom Puzzler: Crosswords

bathroom crossword puzzles

These classic puzzles will tease your brain as you try to fill in the boxes with the right words. Themes range from forgotten history and weird news to funny quotes and what you can do with a coconut. With 287 pages of crosswords to choose from, you simply can't go wrong. Each puzzle seriously makes you think, and they're seriously fun.

Bathroom Puzzler: 365 New Logic Puzzles

bathroom puzzler

If you love logic puzzles, you'll love this edition of Bathroom Puzzler. The tricky, twisted riddles are like weightlifting for your brain. Start with some classic brain teasers and when you're ready, move on to the three-minute mystery section that will make your brain sizzle. You'll have so much fun with these logic puzzles, you may find yourself making unnecessary trips to the bathroom just to work on solving that especially tricky riddle.

Ultimate Challenge Trivia Quiz

ultimate challenge trivia quiz

Are you a huge Jeopardy fan? Do you beg your friends to play 20 Questions? Do you beat your friends every time you play Trivial Pursuit? For trivia buffs like you, there's no better book to keep in your bathroom than the Ultimate Challenge Trivia Quiz from Uncle John's Bathroom Reader. You'll push your trivia knowledge to the limit with more than 300 quizzical questions on topics ranging from history to pop culture to sports and much more. You'll impress your friends with the newfound knowledge you've gained after returning from the loo.

Bathroom Puzzler: Word Search Challenge

word search challenge

Some people think word searches are easy, but Uncle John's Word Search Challenge is no ordinary puzzle book. Both traditional and theme-shaped puzzles with quirky word lists on a variety of unique topics will keep you busy while you take care of business. Food, music, history, pop culture and other topics are all packed into devilish grids designed to challenge even the most word-obsessed trivia geeks out there.

Bathroom Reader: Sudoku Challenge

bathroom Sudoku

This highly addictive game of pure logic is the perfect book to keep by the can. Start out with easy puzzles and move your way to more challenging difficulties as you feel your skills increase. Read useful how-to-solve hints in the introduction if you're having a hard time. Don't worry; there's plenty of room in the margins for you to work on solving each tricky Sudoku puzzle. Give your brain a break and read some of the included trademark tales from Uncle John. Then, when you're ready, break out that pencil again and give that tricky puzzle another go. Clearly, with a few of Uncle John's Bathroom Readers at your disposal, bathroom breaks are no longer a bore. Stay tuned for more editions of Rooter Readers Week to learn about more inspiring books to read in the bathroom.