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6 Steps to making uncommon courtesy common title next to Mr. Rooter technician walking up to house

Make Uncommon Courtesy Common

Life can get fast and hectic at a moment's notice. When this happens, one of the first things to go for people is their courtesy and respect for others. Mr. Rooter ® offers six steps to bring common courtesy back to the chaos of life:
  1. Find a reason to smile in the morning. Start the day in a positive way so that others will see your positivity later. This will become a solid foundation for interactions with others throughout the day.
  2. Realize that everyone else is human, just like you. Every day isn't going to be perfect for everyone- do your best to help others when things aren't as good as they could be.
  3. Go out of your way to do something for someone. Bring coffee for your boss. Take a new colleague to lunch. Congratulate your office neighbor when they do something well. Share a smile and love others- they'll appreciate it more than you think.
  4. When you've done something wrong, own up to it. Rather than arguing or trying to defer blame, accept it and fix it. Like we said, we're all human, and that's completely acceptable.
  5. Be appreciative of the people who assist or serve you. This includes everyone from your waiter to your assistant to the stranger who helps you pick up your fallen groceries. We're all in this life together; appreciate those who help you.
  6. Slow down and look around you. This will give you a chance to see the good in the world and will persuade you to contribute to it!

Help Mr. Rooter Plumbing by making a courtesy a commonality. Your community will appreciate it, and so will you!