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Toilet Paper Over or Under title next to roll of toilet paper with Mr. Rooter logo and hearts on it

Toilet Paper: Over or Under?

Infographic courtesy of dailyinfographic.comThis question has nothing to do with betting on odds or how you cross your arms.

For Mr. Rooter® Plumbing, this has to do with toilet paper in the bathroom!

Many people wonder if toilet paper orientation is actually important in the home. According to a CNet study, there are advantages and disadvantages for both the over and under methods.

For example, the over method provides a lesser chance of scraping your hand against the wall or collecting germs by touching the surrounding area. Yet, the under method protects the toilet paper more and prevents unwanted unraveling from children or pets.

We surveyed the marketing department at The Dwyer Group® to discover their toilet paper preference. Twenty-six people preferred an over orientation, with only one person choosing the under option. Remarkably, nine people have no preference at all.

"I don't care how my toilet paper is," said one social media specialist. "As long as I have it, then I'm good. It's when I don't have it that we have a problem."

Others were baffled by these comments.

"How could you not have a preference with your toilet paper," said a public relations specialist. "You're a barbarian if you don't have it hanging over!"

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Toilet Paper: Over or Under Infographic