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Rooter Readers: Bathroom Books Week #5 title next to white bathroom with toilet and bathtub

Rooter Readers: Bathroom Books Week #5

Have you ever faced a decision and just plunged right in without giving it much thought? This can be risky but rewarding in day-to-day situations. You might also have to take a different kind of plunge in the bathroom every now and again. Fortunately, Uncle John's Bathroom Reader has a whimsical line of "plunges into" books that have nothing to do with actually using a plunger. If you're looking for books to read in the bathroom, these could be it.

Uncle John Plunges into History

plunges into history

History buffs, gather 'round. This book reveals the past in a whole new light by debunking persistent myths, introducing new stories you've never heard, and uncovering mistakes that led to tremendous discoveries. Specific tales include the history of underwear, odd deaths of famous figures, the real Lady Godiva, the truth behind Braveheart, and much more.

Uncle John Plunges into the Universe

plunges into the universe

If science is your thing, put down the boring textbook and turn to this anthology instead. You'll marvel at amazing facts and discredit egregious science errors, such as the fact that you can't "sweat like a pig" because pigs don't sweat! The Big Bang and astronomy are certainly topics this book covers, but you'll delve into kitchen chemistry, digestion, sports science, animal survival, meteorology and countless other topics.

Uncle John Plunges into Music

plunges into music

Get in tune with your musical side by reading all about noteworthy musicians from history. Learn more about one-hit wonders and culture-changing pop icons. Go back to prehistoric times when music was new and get a glimpse at what the future might hold for the industry. Plug in your headphones, turn up the dial, and have a blast reading about the origins of each musical genre, stories from legendary concert venues, and why waltzing was once considered a scandalous dance form.

Uncle John Plunges into Texas: Bigger & Better

plunges into Texas

Whether you're from Texas or just know someone who lives there, you'll find this book a wildly entertaining way to pass time in the bathroom. This cowboy-sized collection unveils Texas tales, tourism and talents for fans of the Lone Star State to soak up. Learn all about the region's colorful history, read funny Texas tombstones, uncover oil myths, and marvel in all things wild, weird and wacky about things found only in the heart of Texas.

Uncle John Plunges into New York

plunges into new York

Start spreading the news. You're leaving today. You want to be a part of it - New York, New York! Frank Sinatra's ode to the greatest city on earth will have you all psyched up to read about NYC the next time you need to use the bathroom. The facts you learn are surprisingly useful, such as how to spend a day in the Big Apple without spending any dough. Other pages in this book are dedicated to fascinating facts, such as how New Jersey lost Staten Island, why Charles Dickens dissed New York, and the story behind Fran Lee, the Pooper Scooper Lady. If you can make it there, you're gonna make it anywhere. It's up to you - New York, New York! By reading a few facts here and there from these books each time you use the bathroom, you'll soon be a walking encyclopedia. If you missed them, be sure to check out our previous editions of Rooter Readers where we shared puzzle and trivia books, compilations of bizarre facts and historic tidbits, fictional stories, and books with random trivia facts.