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Four Easy Ways to Make Someone's Day

Have you ever had a crummy day that seemed to only get worse as the hours passed? Bad weather, horrendous traffic, and burning your tongue on your coffee are all enough to ignite fits of rage. Then, someone does something simple like lend you their umbrella, let you change lanes, or hand you a cold drink to soothe your tongue. Their small act is enough to change your mood and make your day. Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to pass it along. Make someone's day with thoughtful gifts or small gestures. Here are four ideas to get you started.

Remember Someone's Birthday

One way to make a coworker feel special is to remember their birthday. Saying "Happy Birthday" is one thing; giving thoughtful gifts or a personalized card is another. It takes some foresight and perceptiveness, but it's possible to have a thoughtful, $5 gift or a card with some kind words waiting on your coworker's desk when they get to work. Just this small gesture is enough to make their day.

Stand Up for Someone

When someone can't stand up for themselves, be bold enough to stand up for them. Whether it's a bully picking on a child, a friend who wasn't invited to the party, or someone's opinion that gets shot down by their peers, speak up. It's the underdog who needs the most support, and you have the power to lend that support if you're willing to step outside your comfort zone. Who knows - the next time you find yourself as the underdog, someone could make your day by standing up for you.

Pay for Someone's Lunch

You don't have to be dating someone or using a company credit card to pay for someone's food. The next time you go out with a friend, make it your treat. Take it one step further and buy lunch for a complete stranger. The next time you go out to lunch, pick an unsuspecting table - perhaps a family with an fussy child - and tell the waiter you'll cover their tab. It's just as rewarding for the family to have their lunch paid for as it is for you to watch their faces light up in appreciation and wonder.

Give Someone Your Time

Perhaps the most difficult thing to give away for free is your time. Offer it gladly to a struggling friend and just be there to listen without setting a time limit. Give of your time by volunteering with a worthwhile community organization like Ronald McDonald House Charities. Or, offer to watch your neighbor's kids for free so they can go on a much-needed date. There are many ways to give your time for free, which can be one of the most thoughtful gifts you could offer. If you think these are great ways to make someone's day, just wait and see what Mr. Rooter® technicians have up their sleeves! We say things like, "please," "thank you," and "forget me - save yourself." Making your day with courteous and respectful service is what being a Mister is all about. Contact us today to see for yourself.