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Three Bad Dates to Avoid on Valentine's Day title next to image of confetti hearts

Three Bad Dates to Avoid on Valentine's Day

Mr. Rooter® would never take Mrs. Rooter on these three questionable outings, especially on Valentine's Day!

When it comes to being polite and friendly, no plumber beats Mr. Rooter. He's the plumber you deserve! His neat appearance and professional demeanor is beyond what you might expect of a plumber. He's even sure to always wear a belt to avoid the dreaded plumber's...well... you know. He always wipes his feet on his own mat and wears shoe covers to ensure he doesn't track anything into your home. This Valentine's Day, he's outdoing himself with a fail-proof plan. After all, Mr. Rooter would NEVER take Mrs. Rooter out on a cheesy or awkward date. Take his word for it; you do NOT want to plan dates like these for Valentine's Day!

Wild Club Clubs are hopping hot spots for people to meet each other. That doesn't mean it's an appropriate place to take a date. The music is blaring, the lights are glaring, and the room is so crowded that there's nowhere to sit. How are you supposed to hold a conversation with your date if you can't even hear yourself think? Plus, if the two of you get separated, it could be impossible to find each other. Mr. Rooter is too refined for wild clubs. He prefers the polite dinner theater atmosphere where he and Mrs. Rooter can enjoy a great show and fine dining all in one. It's much more romantic, and Mrs. Rooter appreciates his fine taste.

Messy Barbecue Anywhere you have to eat with your hands is not a very romantic date idea, unless you're sure your date is into that kind of thing. When you're just getting to know one another, eating messy barbecue can be embarrassing when you inevitably get messy from the finger foods. Mr. Rooter is more a sushi kind of guy. He's lucky because that's Mrs. Rooter's favorite food, too. It's become a Valentine's tradition for them to stop at their favorite sushi restaurant for lunch or dinner on the holiday.

Monster Truck Rally Valentine's Day is all about romance, and nothing could be more far from romantic than a monster truck rally. Unless you and your date both have a passion for mud and roaring motors, save the monster truck rally for a guy's night out. Mr. Rooter knows that Mrs. Rooter really likes watching figure skating, so even though it's not his favorite, he has tickets to a fantastic local event this year. It's this polite attitude of putting Mrs. Rooter first that earns him points. No matter what date plans you have up your sleeve for Valentine's Day this year, take a cue from Mr. Rooter. His polite, professional demeanor doesn't just apply to the plumbing work he can do for your home or business!